1. candy Curiel

    Hi Lauren,

    What a great posting! :) on your 7 hour layover which airline did you fly on? Did you also have to pay the $27 airport tax when you returned to the airport?

    thank you,

    Candy Curiel

    • Hi Candy!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I flew with Avianca. I had to pay an airport tax before I could leave the airport. I forget the exact amount but I think it cost around $40-50. Then I had to pay the El Salvador tourist tax of $10 to get a visa. I did not pay any additional taxes once I returned to the airport.

      Happy and safe travels!

  2. Thanks for this post! Im headed to Roatan shortly for a few weeks and I have a 10 hour lay-over in San Salvador on my way home. Would love to get more info from you if possible about the feasibility and safety of sight-seeing San Salvador as a solo female traveller.

  3. Mark

    That sounds like an amazing stopover. I’m transiting SAL soon and gathering ideas of how to spend those layover hours.

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