1. J.Saiz

    Hi! So nice you made it to Managua!! I would really really LOVE to go to Central America. Particularly to Nicaragua and Mexico, where some friends of mine live.

    BTW: my parents always prevent me from going there, even if I earn and save enough money to pay the trip myself. They argue I seem too “european” and that I may be kidnapped or killed or something. So I just want to ask you: did you feel unconfy at any time because of… I dont know: maybe lack of security? did you feel danger at any time? did you see something strange? Did someone try to rob or threat you? Do you know how it would feel in Mexico?

    I would appreciate any comments.

    Anyway: nice pictures, nice description of the city and its particularities. Cool! 😀

    • Hey there thanks for your comment. Glad you liked my post about Managua. I haven’t actually traveled in Mexico for about ten years now so truthfully I can’t speak to the safety situation there. However, I did feel very comfortable in Nicaragua. I speak Spanish though which helps and stuck largely to the tourist path.

  2. Anton

    These arent unusual sights at at, these are the most usual sights when visiting managua, maybe except for the dancing monsters.

    Kind regards

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