Who AM I

My name is Lauren

Hi There! I’m Lauren, a passionate female solo traveler on a mission to explore the world on my own terms. I’ve ventured across the globe, immersing myself in the diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes of more than 70 countries. With an insatiable wanderlust and an unwavering love for the world, I aim to embark on extraordinary journeys that transcend the ordinary and inspire others to do the same through the travel stories I share here on my blog.

Something In Her Ramblings invites readers to join in their pursuit of authentic travel experiences and to see the world through a lens of wonder and empathy. With a compelling blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and heartfelt connections, I offer a unique perspective that ignites a passion for exploration and encourages others to embrace the beauty and diversity of our planet.

A native of California, I currently call Los Angeles home. When I’m not traveling you can find me exploring the Santa Monica Mountains on my mountain bike or eating tacos.