1. I’ve been a solo traveler through a lot of Europe and I’m planning on Vietnam in June. This article very helpful. Hoi Ann and Hue are on the top of my list and I also wanted to look into doing a home stay somewhere so I could get to know people. My parents are terrified of me doing this but I think it’s a lot better than the tour options I’ve seen.

  2. Pragya

    Thank you for all the tips. It’s scared me a bit to think of my purse being snatched but I will try and make it there next month. Hoping to find another solo female traveler for some company at least for safety, if nothing else.

  3. Sascha

    Hi Pragya,

    When will you be traveling ? I’m thinking of going for holiday Dec 27-31 solo. Let me know if that’s the same time us will be there.

  4. Eve

    Hi! This article on Vietnam is super helpful! I’ll be moving there in November to teach, but I haven’t decided on a city yet. Is there any city in particular that you would recommend for a solo woman who doesn’t know anyone there?

    Any advice would be appreciated :)

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