1. I’ve never been to Latin America to be honest. Antigua has some very interesting buildings (and I’m a sucker for architecture). I notice that there is a lot of yellow colored buildings and I admit that the church is breathtaking!
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    • Thanks so much for subscribing, Anna! I appreciate it. Antigua is my favorite city in Central America. It’s definitely a great place to begin your exploration of Latin America. Happy travels!

  2. Lisa

    Hi Larsen. Loved your tour above. I had lived in a mountain village of Costa Rica for several years before my husband died last December. I have since sold that ranch and am currently living back in our home in Illinois. However, I miss living aboard terribly. My favorite City in Central America is Granada Nicaragua. I am going out on a limb and assuming if you traveled every Country in Central America you could not have missed “the most romantic City in Central America” Granada. How do you compare the two cities ? I am researching where to move back that has gorgeous colonial archtecture, gringo friendly and most importantly, safe as I am now alone. Would love your insight ! thank you , Lisa

    • Hi Lisa! Great question — Antigua and Granada are both great cities for colonial architecture, gringo friendly and safety. I personally preferred Antigua- it felt friendlier and I enjoyed my time there better, but it’s a tough call because both are great options!

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