Five EasyJet Tips on Flying


It seemed like a grand idea—spend three weeks travelling around France and Italy before beginning a year long teaching assignment in Spain.

And for the most part it was, with one exception: luggage. Schlepping a year’s supply of belongings up and down metro stairs, trains and city streets proved to be a considerable pain and my large suitcase broke from the strain.

At the airport in Milan awaiting the final leg of my journey, a flight to Madrid, I was greeted with an even larger obstacle. While I paid 60 euros to check two extra bags, I had failed to read Easy Jet’s policy that the checked bags can only weigh a combined total of 20 kilos or 44 pounds. On Easy Jet, there is a 14 euro per kilo fee over this baggage allotment and I was facing a 360 euro charge to bring my 20 something extra kilos of belongings with me.

Lucky for me my Italian friends were with me and able to hold on to some of my belongings for me, and I put on every shirt (and a few dresses) in my suitcase to make more room in my checked luggage. I put on 14 layers total and by the time I reached my seat was thoroughly soaked in sweet.

Five EasyJet Tips on Flying

Easy Jet is a low cost airline based out of the United Kingdom. You can find some really cheap flights with them and overall flying is a pleasant experience as long as you are informed about their policies ahead of time.

Here are the things you should know before you book your ticket and five EasyJet tips on flying.

Five EasyJet Tips on Flying

1.    EasyJet Carry-on requirements

Easy Jet allows just one carry on bag that can be no bigger than 50 x 40 x 20cm, including handles and wheels, with a volume of 40 litres. Many bags that could typical count as carry on in the United States are larger than this, and they will check your bag before you board to ensure it is within this standard. Be sure to measure your bag before taking it along as your carry on.

2.    EasyJet Checked baggage requirements

Your total allowance for checked luggage is 20 kilos, regardless of the number of bags you pay to check. If you go over 20 kilos, you will be charged 14 euros per kilo.

3.    EasyJet Check in requirements

While checking in ahead of time may not be an absolute necessity in the United States, it is with Easy Jet. Lines to check baggage are incredibly long and there is not a separate line to check in or print a boarding pass. Other airlines, such as Ryanair, will charge an extra fee of 70 euros to check in at the airport. Yep, I learned this one the hard way while flying to Portugal.

4.    EasyJet does not provide free beverages

Unlike most airlines in the United States, Easy Jet, and most European airlines for that matter do not provide free beverages. There is a charge for everything, even water. Bring an empty bottle through security and fill up at a water fountain before boarding.

 5.    EasyJet leg room dimensions are small

I guess it is true, everything is bigger in America, and that includes airplanes. Expect smaller seats and less leg room. Just remember how cheap your flight was and don’t complain.

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