For Those Who Can, Live the Dream

For Those Who Can Live the Dream

Three years ago I lived in Melbourne, Australia. I spent 3 weeks backpacking up the East Coast, and in my travels encountered a graffitied wall that read: for those who can, live the dream.



These words have stuck with me these years as I have relentlessly pursued away to make my travel dreams come true.

Come true they have and I am quite pumped to present my travel schedule for the next 5 weeks.

August 4-8: Business trip to New York City

August 9-11: Business trip to Houston

August 12: Farewell to Orlando

August 13-24: Family trip to California

August 24-28:

August 29: Paris

Sept. 4: Milan

Sept. 5: Rome

Sept. 15: Madrid


Bring on the travel!!

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