1. Melanie

    I’m reading your complete guide to Hiking the W Torres Del Paine, but I think I’m missing something. http://brittanyfromboston.com/complete-guide-hiking-the-w-in-torres-del-paine

    Where was your starting location? The US somewhere? What city / town did you fly to before you ended up in El Calafate?? A friend living in Canada had to fly to Santiago and find her way 32 hours south before she could even begin her trek. Any details on this would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  2. Alix

    Solid interview, you rock. Specific question: what hiking boot would you recommend for this long trek? I have Brooks trail runners that I’ve used on multidays but feel like I need something with better ankle support. Thanks!

  3. Nayara Xavier Jones

    Because of your history, I am going to a solo trip to Patagonia (Chile & Argentina). Leaving on October 24th 2018. My husband is not going. I am doing this trip to regain the independence and courage that still too strong inside of me. Going to hike 162 miles in 13 days. thanks for your inspiration blog! P.s. I love my husband and we had done amazing trips toge9, but this trip is only mine!

  4. Mark

    I am doing a 6 month trip throughout South and Central America that I plan to kick off with about two-four weeks exploring Patagonia in April of 2019. I plan to pack a lot of cold weather and backpacking/camping equipment that I don’t believe I will need for the remainder of my trip as I go north. So I have two major questions I cannot find answer anywhere online…

    Where can I store all of my warm weather clothing while I am doing treks around Patagonia? I don’t want to carry the extra unnecessary weight.

    What would you suggest I do with all the cold weather clothing and camping gear that I packed for Patagonia once start heading north? Easy to ship home? Or should would it ultimately be easier and cheaper to rent this stuff for the short time I am in Chile/Argentina?

    • Hi Mark!

      That’s an excellent question and unfortunately I don’t have an exact answer for you. I do know that some hotels or hostels will let you leave luggage behind for a small fee per day, or complimentary on a short term basis if you are a guest. Perhaps you could contact the accommodation provider you are looking at using before or after your treks and they may have some insight.

  5. Hey Brittany,
    I am planning on hiking in Patagonia in the coming weeks starting around 18th January 2019. I’m happy to hear it’s possible to do on my own! I was wondering is it possible to also camp on your own? Might be a silly question… I’m still deciding on whether to camp and carry all that gear myself or to just hostel it… I’m originally from South Africa so I love camping and roughing it out… but just not sure how I’m going to manage doing it alone in South America… although Im keen to just try and see what happens. LOL

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