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From up-close encounters with elephants, to majestic beaches and culture, Leonie of Lo On The Go discovers the best of solo travel in Thailand in today’s Women Who Travel Solo.

How did you get started traveling?

I first started traveling in 2014. Myself and my best friend got a Working Holiday Visa for Australia spending the first six months in Perth. We then went on the travel South Australia, Melbourne, and the East Coast (Sydney to Cairns). We also spent Christmas in Fiji and started the New Year in New Zealand. It was the best year of my life!

Why did you decide to travel to Thailand alone?

I had wanted to travel to Thailand for a long time as so many people kept telling me how amazing it was. The sad fact was that I didn’t really have anyone that could come with me. I am single girl, and at the age where a lot of my friends are settled down and having babies.

solo travel in Thailand

Tell us about your experience with solo travel in Thailand!

I met so many people and made so many friends that I never felt like a solo traveler. That’s the beautiful of backpacking. Thailand is an amazing place to travel, and I found that this is where most females were doing their first solo travels. Its safe, its cheap and it’s so so beautiful.


What recommendations do you have for those wishing to solo travel in Thailand?

I would always say, stay in a Hostel, it’s the best way to meet people and you will never end up feeling lonely. I had everything pre booked so my friends and family would know where I was at all times to it safer. Be adventures and eat from street markets, and stock up on Royal D! This is a rehydration pack you add to water. You can find these in most 7/11 stores and my god is it a life saver!

What was the best part of your experience with solo travel in Thailand?

Hardest question to answer. I think it would be when I was in Koh Tao and spent a week scuba diving. I’m so passionate about scuba and made me so happy to spend a week doing something I love on a beautiful Island.

solo travel in thailand scuba

What was the worst part your trip?

The worst part of my trip was when I was in Koh Samui and had booked myself a private room in a beach resort. This prevented me meeting people and I got quite lonely staying there.

Are there any safety concerns for women traveling alone in Thailand?

I don’t believe there are any safety concerns more than the normal ones. Stay smart, watch your drink, keep people updated of your where about and don’t wonder off to far into the unfamiliar at night.

What advice do you have for women who are traveling alone?

Stick together. Keep the girl power strong. In Phi Phi me and a group of girls I had met where all enjoying some drinks on the beach. We noticed a girl that was pretty out of it and it seemed that there was with guy lingering around here. We kept an eye on her, making sure she was lead off anywhere. We didn’t know her but knew that if any of us were in that situation we would be grateful for the watchful eyes.

Lo On The Go 5

Do you have anything else to add to inspire women solo travelers?

Girls. The majority of solo traveler I met was Female. It just goes to show now many women are taking control and living life to the fullest!!

 About Leonie

Leonie is a 20 something Travel & Fitness blogger, currently based in Essex,UK . She’s a big lover of adventures, keeping fit & the ocean. Follow her adventures at Lo On The Go.

About Women Who Travel Solo

Women Who Travel Solo is a weekly column that shares the stories of women’s solo travel adventures in hopes of spreading the message that traveling alone is not only safe, but wildly rewarding. Inspire other women to travel solo by sharing your story with Something In Her Ramblings. Email Lauren at

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  • melanie

    March 15, 2017

    I was wondering how you found the hostels? I will be going in April.

  • May 18, 2017

    Amazing experience, thanks for sharing! Women traveling solo can be scaring but I think it also can turn in a magical and incredible experience. Thailand is a place surrounded by nature with the most perfect view and the kindest people.

  • Luna

    June 13, 2017

    This article is amazing! I was originally planing on traveling with my sister at the end of July/first week of August 2017 but my sister had to cut her trip short due to work. I will now be traveling alone the last week of our trip (going to Phuket/Phi Phi and one night in Bangkok) and I’m getting a bit nervous. We had already pre-booked all of our hotel accommodations and weren’t planning on staying in a hostel. I’m afraid I’ll get lonely the last week. Any suggestions?

  • Elvie

    August 27, 2017

    Hi! Can you recommend some hostel in Bangkok? Or sites where i can find safe hostel?

  • January 19, 2018

    I was wondering how you found the hostels? I will be going in April.

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