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  1. Yasmin

    Hi Inka

    It is so great to read your experience as solo woman traveler and free soul. I am constantly thinking to get free from the type of life I am living at the moment. I am planning to early retire by summer 2017, and thinking to buy me a flat in Turkey. I am originally from middle east but lived 2/3 of my life in Europe, at the moment in the UK. I would like to be close to the eastern beauty but distance from the religious complicity that is roaming the rest of the Middle East region, especially Arab countries. However, I am hesitant and a bit afraid of being alone, not Turkish speaking in a Turkey. I visited Turkey twice, but did not have a very good impression.
    Is it possible to have your email to be able to write to you more and exchange ideas with you.
    It would be great assistance to hear you as a woman with so big experience.
    Thanks s lot

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