1. “Ecuador is an incredibly diverse country” – This is one of my favorite things about Ecuador. You could be in the Amazon one moment and a day later at 20,000+ ft on top of a volcano or glacier. This is what makes Ecuador so unique and I love it.

  2. Hello! I will be travelling to Ecuador in one week and I found your article so reassuring! I can’t wait to explore this beautiful country. I’m having a hard time finding an Amazon tour that doesn’t charge a “single supplement” though. Any advice on how to avoid this and still see the jungle? I’d love to meet up if you are available while I’m there as well! Send me an email at rachelray89@hotmail.com

  3. Leticia

    Thank you! I’m about to travel alone in ecuador and I’m a little scared. Your post was very motivating. I’m developing the first masters program in social work in ecuador and I would love to meet you!

  4. Very well done article, thanks for the tips! Indeed, although Ecuador is one of the smaller countries in South America, it has much to offer – from acres of rainforest to beautiful islands, Inca monuments, colonial architecture, vibrant cities and more!

    However, there are tourist-targeting scammers and petty crime to be wary of.

    Do be wary of snatch thefts, overcharging restaurants, luggage theft, the hotel transport scam, take my baby, hotel scam, and many more!

  5. Enterprise service was great! I was able to get a SUV for the price, that was the cheapest! Also, I needed to extend my trip, and asked them for an additional day. There were no additional fees. Great service. Wonderful car, price, recommendation! Liked everything!

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