1. CeeCee

    Thanks so much for sharing details about your solo trip to Greece. I will be headed to Athens in a few weeks by myself too. I am super excited and am planning my activities. I definitely wanted to take a day sailing tour to Santorini or Mykonos. Do you know which company has the best rates? The online rate for Viator Santorini Lagoon 560 Sunset tour is $167. Would you suggest booking online now or waiting and booking in person? It sounds like I should purchase my train excursion ahead of time. I am planning to use VRBO to book housing. For local travel, short trips I am planning to use Uber if available. I welcome any tips you may have. Thank you kindly.

    • VRBO, Hostel World and Air Bnb are all great places to book housing. I definitely recommend purchasing your train excursion ahead of time if you are tight on time. Have an amazing time in Greece!

    • Sarah

      Hey ceecee i booked this really cool place through airbnb and travelling solo to athens from 7th sept aswell. Let me know if you wanna touch base.

  2. karina

    thank you so much for this. This yr I turn 33 and I’ve always wanted to go to Greece so I am planning on going to Greece as a gift for myself but I was a little concern since I would be going alone.

  3. Zannos Georgios

    As a Greek I am very proud to hear this from one of our millions of guests, not only for the financial benefits of tourism in order to improve our economy but I can point out that even your trip was before the crisis, you would have the same good treatment from all locals around Greece. It’s a part of our ancient culture. All travelers must feel welcome! You can’t buy that.. Imagine that most of the Greeks you met and helped you in any way, they probably have a lot of financial problems but they don’t give up and still have time to help a total stranger. I believe that this is a good reason to come over and see my country and many more incredible places like Meteora you mentioned. Keep traveling because you know (as many of us) that life is too short…

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