1. Carol


    I am looking to travel solo in Sicily…primarily Taormina.
    I love the sea, views, I wan to leave in one month
    My ancestry is Sicilian.
    I like to walk some, cafes, beach…what do I recommend.

  2. diane

    had a fantastic trip driving alone around the coast and up into the hills of Sicily— have ancestral roots in several areas including the Aeolian Islands, Palermo, Enna – and like you
    got a happy feeling when I saw some of my family roots surnames (lol)

    the Sicilians of all ages were so engaging (okay particularly when I told them my mom’s father whom she dearly loved was Sicilian) and I was researching his ancestry

    of course with their charming inquisitiveness
    was asked what about the other ancesters ?

    okay all the others were Catholic Irish — got a smile and okay –that’s okay — and another time “so you are a Goodfellow !” . Another Sicilian made a correction and said said NO, she is a a Goodgal, a Good Señora !” —-we all laughed.

    Can’t wait to return this spring —and once again visit Catania (two days there was not enough, same for Palermo).

    Never felt threatened — maybe because of my background I felt at home.

  3. Teresa

    Hi Lauren,

    I am thinking about doing a solo trip in Sicily (Palermo and around) for 3 days in Easter. I am wondering if it is a good time and that the shops/ wineries around will be open.

    I understand I should avoid staying out on the streets at night as a sole female traveller, but I will not be landing in Palermo till past 9pm. What is the safest way I can get to an accommodation?


  4. Anita Rigoni

    Hello I would like to spend about a month in Sicily and Calabria. I am a solo traveller. Prefer active holidays – do not like sitting on buses. on a budget. Any suggestions of what to do and where to go?

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