• Hi Michael! Thanks for your comment. Iceland was so beautiful I definitely want to visit for longer so I can take in all of the natural wonders. Thanks for sharing your guide!

  1. Tony Altimari

    What a pleasure to see the very nice young lady once again I met in Florence. Lauren, enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Be safe and keep in touch when you can.

    Your new friend,

    Tony Altimari

  2. Kiernyn

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m going to be in a very similar situation this summer (22 hour layover in Reykjavik, not planning on booking a hostel), and this post has given me a lot of great ideas. One quick question: How long did it take you to go through security back at the airport? I’d love to maximize my sightseeing, but I also want to make sure I give myself enough time to get to my flight, especially since it will be an international one. Thanks!

    • Hi Keirnyn. So glad to hear this post was helpful! I’d recommend departing Reykjavik for the airport at least 3 hours for your departure. Transportation from the city center to the airport took me slightly longer than I had expected. Security wasn’t too bad for my flight, but it is international so its best to arrive 2 hours in advance. I hope you have a great trip!

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