1. Anna

    I admire travelers like you who don’t rely on the Media (Google) to tell them whether a country to visit is safe or not. like you said you’d rather break that plastic of fear and doubt and experience for yourself. PNG is beautiful and if you next plan to re-visit, I invite you to come to the Simbu Province of PNG which is in the highlands just a few hours drive from Goroka Eastern Highlands, which is home to the tallest peak (Mt Wilhem) in the Oceanic region.

  2. Lidia

    Hi Lauren, it’s so nice to see Kavieng & surroundings featured in a travel blog! Thank you!
    I have lived in the village Lakurumau (down the Highway, just before Cathy’s village) for ten months over the past two years. I also lived with Cathy for a month, when I first came to PNG. She has sadly passed away a year ago, in February 2019. Actually, she only had one biological son living with her, but family ties are complicated in PNG, so I understand why you thought she had many children. The eels’ river was my bathtub/kitchen sink while living at Cathy’s, so I have quite a different look on it – but the eels are really fun. Warra Bulau is the Fissoa spring – I’ve never heard the name Bulau, but then it has different names. Wara (with one ‘r’) is simply “water” in Tok Pisin, also meaning any inland water body.
    When I lived there I used to go some weekends in town and chill out in Nusa – one of the best places on earth.
    All the best & I hope you’ll be back to PNG sometime!

    • Lidia, I was so sorry to hear that Cathy passed away. She was an incredible woman and touched many people! I’m so glad you shared your experience of living in PNG with me – such a special place.

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