1. […] On a travel related note, I also had the opportunity to be interviewed for The Daily Travel Podcast by Nathaniel Boyle, a fellow travel junkie and storyteller. Not only does Nathaniel have one heck of a radio voice, he also shares my enthusiasm for exploring off the beaten path and inspiring others to travel. We had a really great conversation about that spark that inspires travel, finding housing abroad, and my feat of visiting 25 countries during my 25th year of life. […]

  2. Joshua

    Hi Lauren , I am your follower Josh and after listen you in the podcast I could not resist to visit again and again your travel blog. Firstly congratulations for your challenge of 25@25 and I would like to ask you something. I wonder what countries were your favorites? (except Madrid that I already know it is special for you)…

    • Hi Josh! Thanks for your comment! I would say my favorite countries (besides Spain of course) were Portugal and Slovenia — both had great natural landscapes, delicious food and friendly people. But it is tough to choose– I love Europe!

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