Beyond the Lake: Things to Do in Bled, Slovenia



If you read my last post, hopefully you felt a bit charmed by the glacial waters of Lake Bled, even from afar. The Alpine lake is a favorite travel destination for Slovenians, Italians and Germans, bringing 8,000visitors to the region each summer. Most visitors spent their time basking on the sandy shores or swimming in the fresh waters. While this is a highly admirable vacation activity, there is so much more to the region than just the lake.

On my recent visit Maja of the Bled Tourist Board met with me to uncover some of the destinations more hidden offerings. Here’s a look at five things to do in Bled that take you beyond the lake. Don’t worry – there will still be plenty of time for sun bathing and a swim after!

things to do in bled slovenia

1. Watch a printing demonstration at Bled Castle

things to do in bled slovenia

The oldest castle in Slovenia, Bled Castle is more than 1,000 years old. In addition to stunning views, the castle also offers printing demonstrations using recreations from Gutenberg’s original machinery. Learn how the first books in Slovene were printed in 1550 and pick up an original printing of your own.

2. Visit Vila Bled

things to do in bled slovenia

Once the summer home for former Yugoslavian dictator Josip Broz Tito, today Vila Bled is a four-star resort. Stay overnight for an elegant accommodation option, or enjoy a fine dinning or spa experience. Visitors can also rent boats here to row to Bled Island and visit the historic church.

3. Taste Bled Cream Cake

things to do in bled slovenia

The one and only original Bled Cream Cake is sold at four locations in the town of Bled. Visit Park Restaurant and Café, Pizzeria Rikli, Restaurant Panorama or Sava Hoteli Bled for a taste of the original recipe that dates back to 1953. In a hurry? Sava Hoteli Bled offers the cake at a drive through.

4. Learn more at the Bled Information Center

things to do in bled slovenia

Yea, yea, information centers have free maps. But the regional tourism and nature conservation center in Bled is far from ordinary. The newly remodeled space is home to a variety of state-of-the-art exhibits that will make you feel like leaving your materialistic life behind immediately for a life in these fresh, ethereal mountains. Climbing Mount Triglow is a rite of passage for Slovenians, but the movies here show you the best of the scenery without you even having to lift a finger – or a foot.

5. Hike to Vintgar Gorge

things to do in bled slovenia

(C) WikiMedia

The third most visited attraction in Slovenia is Vintgar Gorge. This 1.6 kilometer ravine, paralleling a glacial river, culminates with Sum waterfall. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to experience this breathtaking sight during my visit. Guess that means I will need to plan another trip to Slovenia!

Note: My visit was sponsored by Bled Tourism. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I’d love to visit Bled Castle! A printing demonstration is totally something I’d be interested in, as a lover of books. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy travels 🙂

  2. Ursha

    I was on a cruise ship recently which stopped in port of Koper, Slovenia. I went on several tours and shore excursions. I must say that Slovenia really is a hidden treasure. People are very kind. A vacation to remember! I used Koper Tours services for my tours and shore excursions.

    1. Lauren

      I so agree! Slovenia is a hidden gem.

  3. Tamara

    Great post! Bled is really one of the “must see” places in the world. But there is not just Bled Cream Cake to taste, you also should taste Slovenian wines. We produce some of the best wine in the world. My company organizes wine tastings in Bled and Ljubljana ( Pay us a visit if you come to Bled again or in Ljubljana, the tasting is on us! 🙂

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