Capri – Italy’s Favorite Escape


In almost every country I’ve been to I have found the locals are connected by a favorite vacation spot in their country they love so much that they do their best to convince international tourists to visit. In Australia it was the built up, lively Gold Coast., in France, the beaches of Nice, and in my own country, according to the numbers, Central Florida and Walt Disney World Resort.

In Italy this place is Capri. Italian after Italian kept telling me I had to go to Capri to be stunned by the island beauty, and so, while in Sorrento, I took a day trip to Capri.

Located in the Campania region of Italy, Capri is a Mediterranean island off the Sorrentine peninsula. Ferries run to the island from Naples and Sorrento. Ferries can be pricey and run up to 20 euros each way.

Ferries drop off at Marina Grande, big harbor. Bring your poker face to ward off the hawkers who will try to sell you everything from overpriced lunch and dusty souvenirs to scooter and boat rentals.

Capri Italy

Despite being an island, Capri is not known for its beaches and actually has very few beaches for visitors to enjoy. The nearest beach to the ferry is small and rocky.

Capri is relatively small and can explored in a day if you are prepared to walk, walk and walk some more.  The largest city on the island, also called Capri, is about a 25 minute walk from the harbor. Warning: the walk is quite steep and you will be sure to be drenched in sweat by the time you reach the city. This was fine for me as it allowed me to burn off a few of the millions of calories in pasta I had been consuming while in Italy.

Capri Italy

The city of Capri offers great views of the sea and is full of cute local shops and eateries. But if you only do one thing on Capri, take a boat tour around the island. Tours leave from Marina Grande and most last around an hour.

Capri Italy

Highlights include Grotta Blanca, Arco Naturale and Faraglioni, a rock formation featured in Dolce and Gabbana light blue cologne ads.

Capri Italy


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