Thoughts On Leaving Paris

Though my time here was filled with moving sites of incredible beauty and importance, it was also interlaced with moments of frustration. From accidentally ordering duck pate (ewww) to the lack of public restrooms (an inalienable American right I will never again take for granted) to encounters with Parisians who breathed the stereotype that the French are rude to life (the rudest ones always come out when you are in desperate search for a restroom), I was beginning to feel less than love for the city. Some of my favorite movies, Casablanca, Silver Linnings Playbook, Gone With the Wind, I haven’t liked right away. But these movies stick with me and long past watching them I dwell on their scenes, themes and characters and fall in love. Paris is like this. There is something about Paris that sticks with you. I am sure I will come to appreciate the city more and more as time passes.

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