Local Marrakech Through the Eyes of Mohamed

Tips for Women Traveling to Marrakech

Mohamed leads us through the winding streets of the Marrakech medina. We pass under a red archway and wander down a side street, stopping at a small wooden opening in one of the buildings.

“This is Jack of All Trades,” Mohammed states in the same matter of fact tone one would use if leading to a well-known attraction such as the Eiffel Tower.

Local Marrakech Through the Eyes of Mohamed

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

Local Secrets in Marrakech

Mohamed, a local guide, recommended to my travel partner Emily and I by Riad AnaYela, motions to us to enter, and, despite the room looking exactly like the type of place people tell you not to go, Mohamed has such an aura of trust, we follow.

The air inside the high-ceilinged room is dark, lit only by drops of sunlight from an opening in the ceiling, and hazy from sprinklings of dust and wood.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

Jack of All Trades is, it turns out a person.  Dressed in a djellaba, a traditional gown, he greets us and places a long log into the large fireplace.

“He is called Jack of All Trades, because he does everything,” explains Mohammed. “Heating water for the public baths… if you want to get married you must see him first, and he is a musician.”

After demonstrating how he heats the water for the public baths, Jack of All Trades changes his hat, sits on the red mattress in the room, picks up an instrument that resembles a guitar and begins to sing.

This is what part of what made Morocco so beautiful to me – warm, welcoming interactions with locals who shared their culture with me and sought nothing in return.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

The Maze of the Medina

But I would not have been able to find many of these moments without help from our guide Mohamed.

In fact, I do not think I would have been able to find very much of anything in Marrakech without my Mohamed.

The medina, or old city, of Marrakech is so unlike the western world, and I highly recommend first-time visitors spend their first few hours in the city with a guide.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

This is not because the city is unsafe, which is what many people will warn you when you tell them you are going to Morocco. I felt very safe in Marrakech, however, at the beginning I felt very lost.

I’ve hopped off trains in dozens of cities in Europe not knowing a thing about them, picked up a map and a few recommendations from a tourist office, and been on my way to a successful day of site seeing.

This is not possible in Marrakech, especially the medina, which is a maze. There are few street signs and, in congruence with Islamic architecture, many attractions aren’t marked because it goes against their culture and religious faith to be flashy on the outside.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

With Mohamed, we wandered past mosques and bathhouses, schools and shops.

An Ancient Islamic University in Marrakech

We visited Ben Youssef Madrasa, an Islamic University from the 14th century. And thanks to Mohamed, got a deeper insight into the beautiful architecture.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

We also visited the nearby Museum of Marrakech.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

The Souks of Marrakech

Mohamed took us to a few souks. Here the vendors can be a bit aggressive with western visitors, but when Mohamed was with us, everyone was very friendly and even explained their merchandise to us without pressuring us to buy.

At a textile shop we learned how local artisans mix die to color scarves.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

At a spice market we learned of the different spices to make traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

Sunset in Marrakech, Morocco

Mohamed ended our tour on a high note with a visit to a café overlooking Jemaa el-Fnaa, the city’s main square. We had a perfect view of the Koutoubia Mosque, the largest in Marrakech, as the sun set.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

Ever the gentleman, Mohamed even walked Emily and I back to our Riad when the tour was over.

Mohammed shares his secrets of local Marrakech on a private tour.

If you go to Marrakech I highly recommend taking a private guided tour with Mohamed Daif. You can contact him via WhatsApp at +212 661370749 or through email at daif996@gmail.com. His rates are very affordable.

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This Post Has 112 Comments

    1. Ann Pickett

      We had a great experience with Mohamed Daif as our tour guide. Mohamed spent a half day with our family, two adults and two boys (age 8 and 11). He showed us a number of unique places in the old city that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen. He was kind, respectful, knowledgeable, easy to be with and provided good advice. We’d highly recommend him to others!

      1. Lauren

        Hi Ann! I’m so glad to hear you had a great tour with Mohamed. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment!

        1. Sylvia Madukaife

          I read this blog and was amazed by so much info regarding Mohamed the tour guide. I contacted him vis email. He came to the hotel and we started an amazing experience that will be with me for a very long time I would anytime recommend Mohamed. Wonderful guy

    2. Eliz

      Upon the recommendation of this website my friends and I hired Mohamed. Four women and Mohamed maneuvered through town like locals. He showed us places we would have never seen in the old city. He was very knowledgable, respectable and we felt completely safe with him. Listen to his advice as he knows Marrakech!!! Thanks Mohamed for making our trip so much more enjoyable. Thanks to the person that recommended.

      1. Lauren

        I am so glad to hear you had a great tour with Mohamed! Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment and let us know you had a safe and fun time in Marrakech with Mohamed!

    3. Hannah Finch

      So glad we chose to do a private tour with Mohamed! He showed us a side of Marrakesh we never would have experienced on our own. He made us feel safe and made sure he showed us the sights we were interested in. Highly recommend!

    4. Tracey McCallum

      I have just returned from a few days in magical Marrakech. Whilst doing my research (as a female solo traveller), I came across the Something in her ramblings” blog which I read with interest, especially the bit about investing in a guide. I contacted Mohamed Daif by email and arranged to meet him on my first day in the city.
      Mohamed was an absolute gentleman and took me to many places all over the city. We visited the Bahia Palace, the oldest public fountain in Marrakech, the Quran School and he even took me to visit the oldest man in the souk.
      Mohamed was friendly & very informative and from my point of view, an excellent investment as I saw so much of the city that I might not have going it alone.
      I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you’re visiting Marrakech then Mohamed is your man!

    5. Jong

      I discovered your blog researching about traveling to Marrakech alone. I trusted your recommendation for a tour with Mohamed and I’m so glad I did! Mohamed was the perfect guide through the amazing and chaotic streets of Marrakech. He was very knowledgeable about where to go and the do’s and don’ts of the city. I really enjoyed my tour with Mohamed and highly recommend him if anyone is looking for a private tour guide.

    6. Courtney

      My husband and I used Mohamed as our guide for our May 2016 trip, based on recommendations from this site. He was a great part of our experience in Marrakech. We toured with him on our first day in Marrakech and found him to be very insightful and helpful. He showed of some of the best parts of the medina, took us to reputable souks, and explained so much about the culture. We loved having him as a guide. He also kept in touch throughout the duration of the trip in case we needed help or had questions. I would absolutely recommend him!

      1. Lauren

        I’m so glad to hear this!

    7. Julie

      I was recently traveling alone in Marrakech and contacted Mohamed after reading your blog. Thank you. We scheduled a half day tour for a few days after I arrived. He was fantastic, sharing parts of his beautiful city I would have otherwise missed.
      I recommend contacting him as soon you have your travel dates so you can set up a day(s) with him at the beginning of your trip. The experience and Mohamed’s knowledge will put you at ease in this fascinating old city and make the rest of your trip that much more enjoyable.
      Mohamed also arranged for Hassan to drive me to Essaouira for the day. Another incredible experience. Thank you, Mohamed, for sharing your beautiful city with me!

      1. Lauren

        Thanks for sharing your experience!

    8. Ronald Bonneau

      Just completed two days of touring with Mohamed Daif. Having traveled in many places throughout the world, we found Mohamed to be one of the best guides we have experienced. He is extremely knowledgeable, speaks excellent English and has a great sense of humor. He is kind, bright and thoughtful. He made us feel safe and comfortable as we are senior travelers. Purchasing items in the souks can be challenging. With Mohamed assistance, he made the process enjoyable and saved us money.
      You will not find a more competent guide than Mohammed to take you through Marrakech.
      By the way, he is also an excellent photographer.

      1. Lauren

        So happy to read this!

    9. Ray

      I know this blog is a few years old but it’s still relevant and I felt I should add to the many other positive comments.

      My wife and I had an amazing experience during our half day tour with Mohamed yesterday. He has a great sense of humor and made us felt comfortable throughout the tour – not once did we feel unsafe. We got a tour that was off the beaten path and met several locals that welcomed us to learn more about themselves and their culture. This was truly a unique experience and a highlight of our trip. Don’t hesitate, book a tour with Mohamed and experience the Medina as a local would.

      1. Lauren

        Thanks for sharing!

  1. Michelle

    Love the photos! Great post!

    1. Lauren

      Thanks! Glad you like the photos.

  2. Otis Gatehouse

    We also had a tour with Mohammed and it was amazing. I could not have asked for a better tour guide.

    I went with my girlfriend two weeks ago and we felt very safe and looked after by Mohammed. He took us to countless hidden spots as a well as the main sights, it was all very enlightening.

    If you are going to get a tour in Marrakech I would really advise that you use Mohammed as his knowledge is excellent and he is a very kind person

    Happy travels 🙂

    1. Lauren

      Otis I am so glad to hear your experience with Mohammed was as positive as mine. He is a wonderful man and full of information. I hope you had a wonderful time in Marrakech!

  3. Rachel

    Lauren, this is a great post… thank you! Both you and Otis have inspired me to book a tour with Mohamed for my husband and I when we visit in June. Was your tour a whole day? You seem to have fitted so much in!

    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Lauren

      Hi Rachel! I’m so glad Otis and my comments inspired you to book a tour with Mohamed. I know he will keep you safe and show you an interesting side of the city! The tour I did was a half day or 4 hours. Mohamed knows all the ins and outs so you get to see many highlights in a short amount of time. Have a great trip!

  4. SBO

    Atmosphere is nice.
    I can’t wait to visit.
    It ‘s wonderful place.

  5. Leslie

    We found Mohamed’s information on this site and decided to use him for a 1/2 day tour of the Medina. Mohamed was very pleasant, knowledgable and professional. Highly recommended!

  6. Sandeep

    I stumbled upon this page as I was planning my trip to Marrakech, and decided to contact Mohammed to show my friend and I around. I am so glad I did as he was extremely helpful and easy to communicate with prior to my arrival in Marrakech. He was a great guide; he was very patient and knowledgeable. He was also veryyyyy helpful at the markets in getting me the best price for the multiple Moroccan lamps I bought. There was no way I would have been able to find my way through the maze of all the souks without him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is going to Marrakech!

    1. Lauren

      Sandeep thank you for your comment. I am so glad to hear you had a great tour with Mohamed!

  7. Melissa

    My friend and I are going to Marrakesh tomorrow and plan on meeting mohamed for a 3 hour tour of parts of marrakesh. I am excited after seeing the reviews!

    1. Lauren

      Melissa I hope you have a great tour! Enjoy Marrakech.

  8. Holly

    Thanks to Mohamed Daif I also had a very safe, amazing, colourful, insightful tour. I was on my own and felt incredibly lucky to have found him. I hadn’t seen this website…he was recommended by the hotel I was staying in! He was ever the gentleman, had a great sense of humour, and also very practical…he helped me buy toothpaste!

    1. Lauren

      Holly thank you for sharing your experience with Mohamed. It makes me so happy to hear you had a great tour with him!

  9. jamie shaw

    I’m so glad I came across this blog. I returned from Morocco last night, and we had a wonderful tour around Marrakech with Mohamed, thanks to your reco. He was kind, thoughtful, and designed just the right blend of history, souk shopping and café breaks. A perfect introduction to Marrakech. I would highly recommend Mohamed Daif to anyone visiting Morocco. He was also very responsive on email and very prompt in meeting us.

  10. Brittany

    As a first time solo female traveler to Marrakech, I was extremely nervous about the trip beforehand, but during my planning I came across this blog about your experiences with Mohamed as a guide and it seemed only right I book him for a tour as an intro to the city. Mohamed responded promptly to my emails and was waiting for me at my riad at our scheduled time just as he said he would. He was warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about his city and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him. He took me places where people made me feel at home and were interested in showing me their crafts or just teaching me things about the culture. I never felt like I was being put into a position to buy anything, I felt like I was being given a friendly tour of the city and when interested I could buy things, but the expectation and pressure was never there. He also took many awesome pictures of me too which was a big plus! Mohamed helped ease my reservations about walking the streets of Marrakech alone and after my tour with him ended, I felt more comfortable and knowledgeable about the culture and how to conduct myself when out and about. Mohamed comes highly recommended and would be a far superior tour guide than one that most riads can book for you, as they are mainly more interested in showing you things you can easily see on your own or they’ll take you to their friends shops to get commission. Thank you Lauren for writing such a comprehensive review on your experience with him and giving him the exposure he so deserves! Mohamed rocks!

    1. Lauren

      Brittany I am so glad to hear that you had a great experience with Mohamed and that he made you feel as comfortable in Marrakech as he made me feel. Happy travels!

  11. Carol

    A few days before my daughter and I were going to Marrakech for the first time, I found this website quite by accident and was particularly interested in reading about the tour. I began emailing Mohamed and he always replied promptly. We were staying outside the Medina area but he still arranged to meet us at our Riad. We felt at ease immediately thanks to his friendliness and smile! Straight away he was telling us interesting facts and titbits on the history and culture whilst meandering through the streets. It was very reassuring exploring with Mohamed, he told us when we could/could not take photos, pointing out prime opportunities. He also took photos of us throughout the tour. We valued his experience and knowledge especially amongst the Souks. He showed us areas/places that we would not have ordinarily seen, he certainly had some “surprises” up his sleeve! He also gave us great advice on bartering and how to buy good quality products. At no time did we feel under pressure. Mohamed was a great guide: helpful, insightful and friendly.

  12. Sean

    Traveling anywhere with two young children can be a challenge in itself and having been to Morocco before and already knowing what were we in for, we decided to organize a guide for our stay. We could not have been luckier to come across Mohammed. I say this wholeheartedly when I say that our trip would not have been the same without Mohammed’s help and guidance. His knowledge and passion for his beautiful city is portrayed in his enthusiasm and love for his job. What was different about Mohammed was that we felt he went that extra mile to give you the full experience taking us to places not many tourists had been. We also felt that his guidance in some circumstances was perfect as he was not always jumping in to be an intermediate but let you personally have the enjoyment of bartering and negotiating when buying items. From the get go the kids immediately took to him and we felt a huge sense of relaxation as we were not constantly looking after the kids and could enjoy the surroundings ourselves. On our last day of our trip we were invited to have dinner at Mohammed’s house, where we were greeted and treated like family by his wonderful mother. An experience and gesture we are still touched by to this day.
    I would advise anyone traveling to Marrakesh to look up Mohammed and use him as a guide.
    We are already planning our next trip and hoping Mohammed will be our guide again.

    Hope to see you soon Mohammed, Insha’Allah .

    Lots of love from Sean, Susan and the kids.

    1. Lauren

      This story warms my heart! I am so glad you had a great tour with Mohammed and I am insanely jealous you got to go to dinner at his house! I have to return to Marrakech someday soon so that I can meet his mother!

  13. Norman

    I travelled with my wife in early November to Marrakech and we decided to have Mohamed as our private guide. And everything that is said on this page about him is true! Mohamed is a wonderful man, very knowledgable and really passionate as well.

    We feel very safe with Mohamed on our side as Marrakech, though exotic as it may be, can sometimes catch us off guard especially in the souks and the square.

    Even after we have arrived in our country, Mohamed is still in touch with us 🙂

    I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He’s very trustworthy and kind! Hope to see you again one day brother!

  14. Emnet

    If you are visiting Marrakech and looking at this blog debating if you should reach out to Mohamed…..REACH OUT TO HIM!! I just got back from Marrakech today and had a great time! We (one friend and I) did a tour with Mohamed our first day and it was amazing!! My favorite day of the whole trip.

    I feel like I got to know the city and its culture in a different way than I usually do when tourist-ing because of him. His passion and knowledge for/about the monuments and attractions we visited with him made the sightseeing so much more valuable than it would have been on our own, and it was great to see things only a local could show you (which were my favorite parts of the day). And Mohamed goes the extra mile to make sure you have a good time. After parting ways with Mohamed, I realized that a ring I bought was missing some small stones, and I emailed Mohamed asking if he could send a picture of a map with where the place was since I was having trouble finding it. He offered to meet me the next day to bring me there himself, and when our schedules did not work to meet up, he arranged with the store to have someone from the store meet me. And he even called me to make sure everything went okay. We didn’t just gain a tour guide, we honestly gained a friend.

    Thank you Lauren for sharing about your day on this blog, and thank you Mohamed for a great first day in Morocco!! I definitely plan to be back someday.

    1. Lauren

      Emnet thanks so much for sharing about your experience with me and readers. I’m glad you had a great time in Marrakech with Mohamed. He’s such a great guy!

  15. Moa and Lina

    Me and my girlfriend took a guided tour with Mohamed in march this year and it was just great! He was very nice and fun and the whole day was very relaxed. He always managed to keep the tour interesting, mixing typical touristic sights as well as some hidden marrocan treasures. We were very happy with the whole experience and do absolutely recommend anyone to take a tour with Mohamed!

    Moa and Lina

    1. Lauren

      So very glad to here you had a great experience!

  16. Corina

    My mum, 4 year old son and I had the pleasure of discovering Marrakech with Mohammed early April. He was very knowledgable, courteous – especially towards my son who is a wild heart, and caring. I would definitely recommend Mohammed as a guide. Not only is he professional but he also becomes a friend! Many thanks

    1. Lauren

      It warms my heart to read your comments about Mohamed. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Samina

    Hey!! So me and my friend are going to Marrakesh next week but due to unforeseen circumstances I’m now travelling solo eek!! Came across your blog randomly and it’s been such a great and helpful read thank u!!! Iv also emailed Mohammed, must say I was a bit hesitant as the comments were all dated from 2014 until I came across the most latest ones from this year which helped me make my mind up!! Thank u again for the helpful blog post and the recommendations can’t wait to see beautiful Marrakesh!! Xx

    1. Lauren

      I’m happy to hear this! Please stop by after your visit and let us know how you enjoyed your tour with Mohammed. Thanks!

  18. Jong

    I discovered your blog while researching for my trip to Marrakech and trusted your recommendation for a tour with Mohamed and I’m so glad I did! I recently had the pleasure of spending the entire day exploring the amazing and chaotic streets of Marrakech and I couldn’t have had a better tour guide. Mohamed is very knowledgeable about Morocco and helped me with any questions I had. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to have a private tour in Marrakech. Thank you Lauren for the great recommendation and your post about traveling solo to Marrakech! Wishing you safe travels in your future explorations of the world!

  19. Jason

    I was wondering if you had any recommendations with regards to tours, public vs. private? I’ve been reading quite a few blogs and it seems like the price discrepancy b/t the two are 5-10x. How long did you stay in Morocco and did you do a tour that lasted 4-5 days bychance? Any recommendations are appreciated!

    1. Lauren

      Hi Jason! I was in Marrakech for 3 days. I only did this tour with Mohamed and then another day tour outside of the city to the Ourika Valley. I’ve never taken a 4-5 day tour because I prefer to put my own itineraries together, but I think a 4-5 day tour could be a great option for someone who is open to the experience. Hope that helps and happy travels!

  20. Robert and Magda

    First time in Morocco, and indeed North Africa. We found Mohamed on this site. Very glad we did. He responded to our emails very quickly, and arrived at our hotel promptly on our first morning there, as arranged. Mohamed gave us a great tour of the Medina (old town) spending half a day with us. It was very worthwhile being guided by Mohamed, we went to places we would never have found or known about otherwise. He’s a well educated guy and fun to be with. Mohamed was born and raised in the Medina and knows every tiny alleyway. His love for the place and its culture is infectious. We thoroughly recommend Mohamed as your guide.

    1. Lauren

      I’m so happy to hear you had a great time with Mohamed!

  21. Sandra

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m visiting Marrakech in a few weeks time, would love to arrange a tour with Mohamed but can’t see his email address on this site…are you able to pass this on to me?


  22. Lilliana

    Thank goodness I found this blog and this amazing recommendation for the best guide in Marrakech, Mohammed!

    I was only in town for three days and on very short notice I emailed Mohammed to set up a tour. I wanted to do more shopping than sightseeing and he immediately got back to me and completely understood what I was looking for from a day tour.

    We went back and forth via email on shops and sights that I wanted to see and he included a great curated list of his own recommendations. His communication up until the day of our tour was top notch and made me feel so comfortable that I was going to get the best tour possible! He even sent me a plan for the day so I was sure to see the things on my list.

    I made a last minute request for a private car with AC for my tour and he was happy to oblige. I highly recommmend this option if you’re tight on time and want to squeeze in as much as possible in one day. Our driver was wonderful and the van was cool and offered plenty of room!

    He met me at our hotel and from there we toured the Medina (he knows everyone and helped me get the best prices possible!), shopped for rugs at his secret spot which has the most gorgeous rugs ever, met wonderful characters, ate a lovely lunch, went to the the Jardins Journelle, did some more shopping and just had the most lovely day ever!

    Mohammed was so responsive and so wonderful to work with – I can’t recommend a better person to show you Marrakech. He was instrumental to us loving the city and our time there. We made a friend- not just a guide!

    Thank you Mohammed! We will see you again soon on our next trip back!

    1. Lauren

      Yay! It makes me so glad to hear Mohammed was so accommodating and that you had a great tour and time in Marrakech with him.

  23. Kelsey

    I decided to take a spontaneous solo trip for a couple days to Marrakech at the beginning of June. My boyfriend of six years had just ended our relationship instead of proposing and I was completely heartbroken. I decided to travel alone to Marrakech to prove to myself that I was capable of taking care of myself after being dependent for so many years on someone else. I read numerous blogs about traveling to Morocco alone as a single woman and stumbled upon your blog. As soon as I read about your experience with Mohamed on this blog I emailed him about being my guide while I was there. I emailed him only about a week before I would arrive in Marrakech.

    Mohamed immediately responded and agreed to be my guide for the two full days that I had in Marrakech. I cannot imagine finding a better guide for my trip.

    I arrived in Marrakech on June 4th and spent the remainder of the day in my hotel feeling lonely wondering how I ended up in Morocco at the age of 28, single and alone. However, my attitude completely changed the next morning on the 5th when Mohamed met me at my riad. I felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend from the moment we met.

    He planned an amazing itinerary for me that ensured I saw everything I had wanted to see. Walking through the streets with him I swear it felt like he knew every single person in Marrakech. Not a single person bothered me when I was with him. He took us to a wonderful café in the middle of the souks for lunch on the first day and we talked about why I decided to take this trip. For the first time in a month, I finally felt like I was going to be okay and that better things are in store for me… better than any therapy I could have paid for here in the United States! He took me to the most fabulous rug cooperative where I bought three rugs. I still can’t believe what an amazing deal I got on rugs that were handmade and took months to make. I spent a full day with him and he walked me back to my riad. I went to sleep that night more content and happy than I have been in a very, very long time.

    He met me again at my riad for my second full day with him and the second day was even better than the first! He took me to shops where he knew I wouldn’t get ripped off and would even get the shopkeepers to lower the final price that I had negotiated with them. I was able to come home with some amazing and gorgeous souvenirs without maxing out my credit card! I am pretty sure I saved more from him helping me not get ripped off than it cost to hire him for two full days.

    Mohamed walked me down streets where I didn’t see a single other tourist. He took me to public bakeries and back into the souks where the blacksmiths are actually making lanterns, etc. He also took me to the leather tanneries, which was probably one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. If anyone reading this wants to experience Marrakech outside of the typical touristy areas, then Mohamed is the guide for you!

    Note for single women considering going to Marrakech alone: DO IT! Everyone tried to talk me out of it before I left saying it was unsafe, I was going to be harassed, etc. I am sure you will hear the same. Do not listen to them! It will be one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have in your lifetime. I always try to travel to countries I have never been before, but I know that someday I will make it back to Morocco and will make sure to meet up with Mohamed again.

    1. Lauren

      What great words to read! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Biba

    I was doing research for my solo trip and found this site. So glad I did. Hired Mohamed based on your recommendation and he was amazing. Really genuinely nice, very knowledgeable, and is so helpful. Even after the tour, he offered to answer any questions that I have about anything. Because of him, I have wonderful pictures, got a great price on a rug and other wares, and most importantly, I got to see parts of Marrakech that tourists don’t get to experience. I hope to tour with and see him again soon. Book him everybody! You won’t be disappointed! Thank you, Lauren, for this post and thank you, Mohamed, for a wonderful tour!

    1. Lauren

      So glad to hear it!

  25. Catherine

    Thank you, Lauren. I have just returned from my first trip to Morocco.
    Having chosen it as my first solo travel destination, I happened across your website as I was researching for my trip and considering a guide for my first few days in Marrakech.
    I am so very happy that I came across your wonderful blog post and decided to contact Mohamed as he is indeed a treasure.
    As indicated in other reviews, he responded promptly and professionally to my emails and enquiries.
    When I mentioned to the riad/hotel staff upon arrival that I had secured a private guide, they were a bit concerned as to where I had found him. That concern was fleeting as there was a loud exclamation of delight when he arrived and I was enthusiastically informed that I had found “the best in Marrakech!”. I was already confident about my choice but it was nice to see such a lively endorsement when he walked through the door.
    Mohamed arrived precisely at the appointed time and we embarked on our adventure into his beloved city. He grew up in the Medina and his enthusiasm about this magical and mystical place is infectious. I was introduced to the city in the best possible way through the eyes of a discerning, engaging, highly-educated local guide who showed me so many sites and laneways that were off the beaten-path.
    We had a great day exploring museums, galleries, spice markets and so much more. Mohamed has warmth and charm in spades and shared many wonderful local anecdotes as we walked the historical sites and laneways of the medina.
    I was interested in purchasing a few items (mainly spices) during my trip and Mohamed took me to the best quality purveyors. He stepped back and allowed me the experience of haggling but stepped in when necessary to help me secure the best price.
    I later purchased more spices when shopping by myself and it was evident, upon comparison, that they were not the same quality as the ones Mohamed had guided me to.
    At the end of our tour day, I mentioned that I really wanted to buy some kaftans and he offered to take me on my last day to a shop within the medina that sells authentic items, as many sold in the souks are made in China. What an experience that was! Even if one isn’t buying, it’s worth a visit to that maison just to meet the wonderful owner and experience the craftsmanship of their in-house tailored kaftans and household linens.
    To women concerned about traveling solo, do not hesitate for a second…contact Mohamed and you will have a delightful segue into the wonders of his magical city. He makes himself available by text throughout your stay should you have any queries/concerns and collects/escorts you to the door of your riad. He is an absolute gentleman and just a fine individual.
    To anyone considering a visit to Marrakech, I highly recommend booking Mohamed to maximize their experience. His rates are very reasonable and his local knowledge is incomparable.
    Morocco is a rich, fascinating culture and its people are endlessly hospitable. I look forward to visiting again one day and discovering even more.

    1. Lauren

      Glad to hear you had such a great tour with Mohamed!

  26. Amanda

    Read all the comments about Mohamed. I’ve just booked him for next Friday. Really looking forward to meeting him after all of these wonderful posts!!

  27. Claire D.

    My father and I were in Marrakesh last week, and were lucky enough to become acquainted with Mohamed through our riad. By happenstance, Mohamed was the 2nd or 3rd guide that the riad had to call to arrange on very short notice, and lucky for us, he was available.

    So pleased by Mohamed’s depth of knowledge, friendly attitude, and sense of caring towards my father and me, we booked him for an additional day, and then a third day for a trip to Ourika Valley. By the end of our four day visit to Marrakesh, Mohamed truly felt like family.

    Some highlights from our experience with Mohamed:
    -showing us the “hidden sights” while still remaining open to some things we wanted to see
    -he is a true gentleman, both steering us away from more aggressive shopkeepers, and helping us bargain for “Moroccan prices” when we did want to purchase something
    -Mohamed stayed with us well past our appointment time and shared several meals with us; we felt as if we were lucky enough to have made a new Marrakshi family member

    Overall, we saw such sights as the old Qur’anic school, the Bahia palace, Ourika Valley, the old medina, and many more. We would have been lost without Mohamed’s guidance, and the time we spent with him was a clear highlight of the trip. Mohamed demonstrated incredible knowledge about each sight, excitement even though he’s probably conducted hundreds or thousands of tours, and foresight in many instances, such as when he asked our driver not to make any cell phone calls while driving us through the winding roads in the Ourika Valley.

    I cannot recommend Mohamed enough, and I hope that anyone with the desire to experience Marrakesh’s best assets will also consider hiring him.

    1. Lauren

      Hi Claire. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Mohamed. I’m so glad to hear you had a great time!

  28. Twan en Rik

    Two weeks ago we were in Marrakech. What a beautifull city. We’ve booked a tour with Mohamed. I think they have to make a law that everyone that visit Marrakech the have to make the tour with Mohamed. He knows the story, he’s a good guide and knows the places, he takes the time. It was more than good. A few days later we’ve asked Mohamed for a guide to go through the Atlas. He told us that he can contact Hassan. Hassan is in the same level as Mohamed very very good…….


    1. Twan en Rik

      I’ve forgot something. It’s quite difficult to find mohamed on the internet. That’s a shame because i think he missed a lot of people who wants to go on the tour with him. Mohamed when you read this try to make a facebook page ore something. You earn a lot of people…..


    2. Lauren

      Glad as always to hear you had a nice tour with Mohamed!

  29. Leah Dundon

    I stayed at a beautiful Riad (Dar 7) in Marrakech for COP22 in November 2016 and just happen to be lucky enough to have Mohamed as my guide when I asked the Riad for a private guide to help me not get lost in the Medina and also to avoid aggressive sales pitches by the shop keepers! Mohamed became much more than a guide, he became our friend! He showed me areas of the medina and Marrakech that I could never have found on my own, and through the eyes of a local who grew up playing on the very streets through which we were now touring. I learned so much about the culture, the food, the people, the history, the dream of the future. I cannot say enough good things about Mohamed. He took me out again for two more days, as I had not seen enough and it was so fun learning and seeing stuff with Mohammed!. He also knows exactly where to go if you want to buy a particular item (for me it was a rug and Moroccan chairs!) where you will not get ripped off and will get quality items. When my husband came to visit and I had to be at the conference Mohammed took him out for a tour and they became fast friends too! I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about Mohammed — seeing Marrakech with him made my trip, and I am longing to return with my kids so they can see it too.

    1. Lauren

      Hi Leah! So glad to hear you enjoyed your tour about Mohammed!

  30. Shirley

    Thanks for introducing us to Mohammed, and for all the other commenters who reiterated what you said. (I had friends and family say, “You *trust* a tour guide you found on the Internet? How do you know those are real people?” I had to figure you weren’t all fake!) I can say that Mohammed was knowledgeable, spoke flawless English, and was a perfect gentleman. He showed me not just tourist attractions, but some hidden away “insider” gems. He knows where to find quality, artisanal souvenirs, and helps talk down the inflated prices for you. He shared some tips with me for safety as a woman traveling alone that came in handy as well. I recommend him highly!

    1. Lauren

      Hi Shirley! So glad to hear that you enjoyed your experience with Mohamed! I agree – it can be tricky to trust recommendations on the internet and I’m so glad to get continued comments that proof Mohamed is a trustworthy guide, for real!

  31. Neal & Lesley McEneaney

    My wife went searching for a tour guide when we booked to spend our honeymoon in Morocco. HAving friends who work as guides in European cities I know that this is a gamble. Thankfully my wife is dilligent and in Mohammed her gamble paid off.
    He was excellent. As you would expect; very knowledgable but also and very importnantly extremely accomodating. We never onvce felt rushed and were happy to move at our own pace.
    Moreover; Mohammed kept me on my toes by turning ‘teacher’ and asking us oon the spot questions just to make sure we were taking it all in. For me, this is a mark of a guide whop enjoys their work.
    we moved around the warrens of the city in perfectly relaxed fashion (He was even counting the steps we took – but this was for his won benefit I think – but all the same was was interesing. Of course he had his connections dotted about but they were only and alweays for our benefit and we felt no pressure.
    To top it all of, he even returned some money to our hotel having felt we had been charged too much in one area. So overall, a very, very nice day speant in Mohammeds company and I would thoroughly recommend you seek him out well in advance of your vist.
    Thanks Mohammed and Greetings from your Irish Friends – Neal & Lelle

    1. Lauren

      Thanks for stopping by to share your positive experience with Mohammed!

  32. Audrey

    My fiance, his little sister, and I were on our first trip to Morocco and feeling a little apprehensive about finding our way around the souks until I saw this review of Mohamed. Since there were a lot of recent reviews, I thought I would take my chances and reach out to him to see if he could show us around. I am so beyond glad that I did!

    He was incredibly easy to get in touch with, quickly and kindly responding to my emails asking for a tour. Mohamed met us punctually at our riad in the Medina, armed with flawless English and a great sense of humor.

    He took us to so many interesting little places that we never would have found otherwise, and we never felt like we were pressured to buy anything while we were with him. I get the sense that a lot of tour guides try to take you to shops where they get a commission, but Mohamed was the exact opposite. In fact, he went out of his way to give us advice about where we should buy things and what was a good price, helping negotiate when he thought we were getting ripped off.

    I really appreciated that he provided some structure but still gave us the freedom to customize the tour to our interests. He even came out with us the following day to help us get some shopping done. I can’t speak highly enough of our time with Mohamed — he really made our trip to Marrakech memorable. Even though we were only there for a few days, we really got a feel for the city by seeing it through his eyes.

    1. Lauren

      Hi Audrey! Thanks for sharing your experiences with Mohamed. I’m glad to hear you had a great time in the beautiful city of Marrakech. 🙂

  33. Wendy Phillips

    Hi Lauren
    Just wanted to say thanks for the website (lovely photos!) and for the tip about Mohammed: he was indeed a very friendly and helpful guide during my recent trip to

    1. Lauren

      Hi Wendy! I’m so glad to hear you had a great time with Mohammed as your guide. He’s a wonderful man.

  34. Wendy Phillips

    Hi again Lauren!

    Sorry for my earlier abbreviated message–just wanted to reiterate that I really appreciated your blog and that Mohammed was a terrific guide. I am happy to hear that your blog is bringing lots of business his way.
    All best!

    1. Lauren

      Awww thanks Wendy!

  35. Abi walton

    A huge thank you to your blog for introducing me to Mohammed – words cannot describe what a charming, intelligent man he is! He took us for 6 hours walking and I gave him a list of attractions etc beforehand not expecting us to visit everything and we did – just magical. Simply the best thank you once again!

    1. Lauren

      So very glad to hear this!

      1. Eileen

        Lauren. Thank you! Based on your experience I contacted Mohammed to arrange a shopping tour of the Medina for my sister, her friend and I. What a wonderful experience. Mohammed met us at our hotel. And for the next four hours was our guide, escort and shopping “closer” through the Medina. He is a knowledgable guide of the history of Medina. And even better, armed with our list of shopping needs, wants and must haves Mohammed directed us to vendors. We felt no pressure to purchase AND even better…when we felt we had negotiated a good price…swooped in for an even better one. The whole day was relaxing and easy. I would recommend him to anyone who would like a tour of the Medina! So glad that I found this blog…Looking forward to continue following! Please, do not stop.

        1. Lauren

          Thanks Eileen. Your comment made my day! So glad you had a wonderful experience with Mohamed.

  36. Marjo Savolainen

    We had a fantastic tour today…the local Marrakech places through the eyes of Mohamed! Absolutely great guide which we can warmly recommend for female travellers especially! Mohamed knows every corner of the city.

  37. Kyong

    Just came here to say how wonderful Mohamed was. Our trip wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for him!

    Mohamed met my husband and I at our hotel. From there we walked to the Medina. We felt safe and loved that we could communicate with Mohamed in English. He took us to many local shops, he knew the owners and helped us purchase gifts to take home. Not really a fan of haggling, I feel that the shop keepers needs the money more than I do, $20 means more to them than it does to me. But all in all, Mohamed made sure that we got a great price for everything. I didn’t want to carry everything while we walked the Medina, so he arranged with the shopkeepers to have everything delivered to our hotel.

    Mohamed was instrumental in the rest of our trip in Morocco. We started out in Marrakesh, but needed to travel north to Tetouan, because we wanted to visit the blue city Chefchouan, which is 7 hours north of Marrakesh. I researched the transportation options for weeks before our trip. Unfortunately the train situation isn’t the best and can be delayed, isn’t comfortable etc.
    Mohamed was able to secure a driver for us that picked us up from the hotel in a comfortable Mercedes van, the driver took us all the way to Tetoouan. He spoke English well and stopped along the way so we could use the restroom and get drinks.
    The driver Mohamed arranged was half the price of the driver our hotel suggested. We added a generous tip to our driver since he had a long journey back.
    As soon as we arrived to our hotel in Tetoouan I received an email from Mohamed that he had spoken with the driver and knew we had arrived and wished us well for the remaineder of our trip.

    I can’t recommend Mohamed enough. I feel like I have a friend in Morocco now, not just a tour guide.
    Shukraan Mohamed and Lauren!!

    1. Lauren

      So glad to read about your experience with Mohamed!

  38. Kate

    I just wanted to say that I can’t recommend Mohamed enough. He was more than a tour guide for us — I genuinely felt that he became a friend. He took us to corners of Marrakech that I’d never have been able to find on my own, showed us how to get the best prices in the souks, and even set us up with a driver to take us to Essaouira. (His name is Hassan, and he was also wonderful.) If you are going to Marrakech, a day with Mohamed is a must!

    1. Lauren

      So glad to hear this Kate!

  39. Nick

    Just wanted to drop a line here about our expirience in Marakesh. Our tour with Mohamed was amazing! We felt very safe going trough fascinating streets in the heart of the town. Mohamed was great in explaining local traditions showing his broad skills in history and culture of Morocco. It was great to have him as our guide. I would definitely recommend him to anyone going to Marakesh.


    1. Lauren

      Thanks for stopping by to share your experience with Mohamed!

  40. Gaby

    We had a very good time with mohamed as our guide in marrakech. Thank you very much.

  41. Jonny Trumble

    Just wanted to say we were so happy that we came across this blog and your contact for Mohamed! We contacted him on arrival in marrakech and within the hour he had replied and organised to meet us at our Riad for a tour the following day.

    He was excellent!! So friendly and kind with lots of local information and so many places visited showing us all the hidden gems and sites. So many tips on how to get around, where to visit with talks from local pharmacists and merchants with no pressure to buy at all. When we did buy he negotiated a great rate on products for us when we would have likely paid three times that on our own!

    Highly recommend Mohammed for a perfect tour of Marrakech
    Jonny and Sam

    1. Lauren

      I’m so very glad to hear that you had a wonderful experience with Mohamed!

  42. Maxine Barrowcliffe

    My husband and I have just returned from a trip to Marrakesh.Luckily we came across this site and found the contact details for Mohamed.
    He was such a lovely guy and gave us an amazing tour of Marrakesh.We both really felt that we got a true insight into not only the history and architecture of this beautiful city but also a personal insight into life and beliefs of a local person.
    I could go into depth about everything he showed us but I think the only thing I will say is book him.
    He made us feel totally safe and then confident to return to the city on our own and do some haggling!
    A great ambassador for Marrakesh

    1. Lauren

      I’m so happy to read this!

  43. Susanne

    Hi Lauren,
    I am very happy that I found your blog just in time before flying to Marrakech. We had the chance to book Mohamed for a 3 hours tour through the heart of the city. It was a real pleasure to learn about daily life in Marrakech from him and to see the the different areas of the souk we definetely wouldn’t have found without him…we got lost in the souk everytime we entered unguided 🙂 With Mohamed we were for example able to visit various craftsmen, see their impressive work…and were not pushed to buy something. We really appreciated that!
    Thank you very much for the recommendation.

    1. Lauren

      So happy to read this!

  44. Nick

    On recommendation from this site, I hired Mohamed for an afternoon tour on the 23rd Dec for four hours – was a bit last minute as I contacted him the night before arriving in Marrakech. However there was no problem, and he got back to me promptly.

    I’ve travelled a lot of places and been with numerous guides, and can say for sure Mohamed has been the best by far. The tour was fantastic, and I got to see places I otherwise would have missed. His English is impeccable, and he really is a fountain of knowledge! Not only that, but unlike what you hear about other local guides, at no point did he pressure me to buy anything or take me to shops where that would be the case.

    Honestly, an all round fantastic guide and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others looking for one in Morocco.

    1. Lauren

      I’m so glad to hear that!

    2. Maxine

      Yes we thought he was amazing and lets all try and keep him in the spotlight so he’s able to go from strength to strength

      1. Lauren

        Thanks Maxine. I agree!

  45. Pauline McFarlane

    I can’t recommend Mohammed highly enough. I usually visit Marrakech for Christmas week and this year booked Mohammed to take me on a tour of the parts of the City that tourists don’t always see. It was so interesting, I learned a lot about the culture and life of Moroccan people. Mohammed is knowledgeable and friendly, very kind, and he has kept in touch since I returned home. I hope to see Mohammed again next year when I go to Marrakech if has time to meet up to have some mint tea in the busy schedule of his life. Thank you Mohammed I hope we can get together again!!

  46. Mehdi

    Wonderful article and reviews. Happy to hear all these positive reviews and nice experiences especially from ladies and girls travelling alone

    1. Lauren


  47. Evan Jones

    It is difficult to add to previous accolades, but I must take the time to reinforce all you have read. Our Riad, Riad L’Orangerie, tells us Mohamed is the only guide they will book for guests, in no small part because he does foist you onto any merchants. Mohamed seems to know what is behind every door within in Medina — and which ones are worth entering. We saw parts of the souks — and the sights within them — that are difficult at best for a first-time visitor to find. We had limited time in Marrakech, and Mohamed helped us make the best use of it. Should we ever have the pleasure of returning, we would seek him out again. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    1. Lauren

      So happy to read this!

  48. Audrey Manners

    I can’t say enough great things about Mohammed. He was a so knowledgeable about everything Marrakech. On our first day we only had 2 hours so he gave us a brief overview of the Medina. On the second day we spent the entire morning with him exploring the medina from the old jewish quarter to the Beldi Palace and then through the souk area. I highly recommend Mohammed if you are planning a trip to Marrakech.

    1. Lauren

      So glad to hear it!

  49. Christine McDonald

    We toured with Mohammed and I can’t imagine ever going with anyone else. He was amazing! He was fantastic as a tour guide, but what I most appreciated was that he really looked out for us. We were in the Medina and were buying some little boxes from a vendor. Afterwards, Mohammed realized that we had been scammed and went back to the vendor. We didn’t get our money back, but we did get another box and then he helped us negotiate our future purchases. He was very thoughtful and caring, making sure that we were comfortable.Getting around the Medina is a challenge if you are only in Marrakech for a short time. Mohammed makes it seem effortless.

    He also accompanied us to the Mrajorelle Gardens and helped us navigate taxis and entry. I cannot say enough good things about our time together with Mohammed. He made the difference between an okay visit and a great visit!

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