1. I’m surprised, but maybe I shouldn’t be, that the rubbish is still lining the streets. I visited Napoli in 2008 and the rubbish was piled high in some streets, quite a sight just like you have described.

    It’s a real shame, and I did feel the same level of wariness when first visiting the city but I did grow to like it and I would go back even if the Italian spoken there is so much more difficult to understand than in the rest of Italy.

    Would you go back? That’s the question.

    The coffee was some of the best and as for the pizza!

    • Lauren

      Hi Darren!

      Yes, street trash was still in full swing during my visit to Napoli. Would I go back? Yes! You are right — the pizza is amazing and somehow, despite all the trash and leery strangers, Napoli has a certain charm that is intriguing. I think Napoli can be great for a visit as long as you go in with the right expectations.

      Would you go back?

      • Yes, my first trip to Napoli was when I was 14 and I even had the pleasure of enjoying my first pizza there. I really love the smell of laundry drifting down from above, in the streets just off Spaccanapoli that contrasted with the grime and grittiness of the streets you are standing in.

        Chaotic but intriguing, yes I would go back but I would spend more time there next time.

  2. Céline

    I just discovered your website today, as I was looking for info on Naples, Italy.
    I realized that it was written in 2013, so I am not sure if you will see my post.
    i am planning a trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast in 2017.
    Having to go through Naples makes me quite uncomfortable after reading many comments from travellers. Especially about pickpockets.

    I will only be there to make a connection to Sorrento.
    In my small backpack I will carry lots of medication for diabetes, so it is always a concern. I will also carry a piece of luggage.
    As you wrote that you were very aware of your surroundings, I am sure that I will be alert !
    I have been to Rome and Prague and I had read some pretty scary stories before I went but it seems to be more dangerous in Naples. Am I wrong ? I would appreciate if you have time to give me your thoughts about that.
    I wish many more travels and discoveries !

    Thank you,

    • Hi Céline. Sounds like an awesome trip! I think you will be ok in Naples for your connection to Sorrento as long as you are extra aware of your surroundings. I think Napoli is more dangerous than Rome or Prague, but I also think you will be able to keep your belongings safe by being extra vigilant. Enjoy!

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