Something in Her Ramblings is Headed to Morocco!


While I am always thrilled to be hitting the road no matter what the destination, not all locations are created equal. Some fill my heart with such excitement that for weeks beforehand, my brain will be pumped with adrenaline as I go to bed, making it difficult to fall asleep. Destinations that amp me up to this level are quite rare – Lake Tahoe, California, the Outback of Australia, my first visit to Paris, and now – the Kingdom of Morocco!

Something In Her Ramblings is Headed to Morocco

That’s right – Something in Her Ramblings is heading to Africa! In just one week I will be checking another continent off my list as I explore Marrakech, Morocco’s fourth-largest city, famous for its Berber markets and old palaces.

After 5,000 visits to the Morocco Pavilion at Walt Disney World Resort’s Epcot, i’m finally going to get to experience the real deal! 

Something in Her Ramblings is headed to Morocco

I usually travel solo, but this time I will be exploring with my friend and fellow English teacher, Emily. We will bring back tips on how female travelers can stay safe while visiting this exotic land.

Something in Her Ramblings is headed to Morocco

(c) Riad AnaYela

It’s been a cold, long winter in Madrid and I cannot wait to take a break from the wind and rain and enjoy the sunshine and 70-plus degree weather in Marrakech.

I am thrilled to be staying at the Riad AnaYela, a luxury boutique hotel in central Medina that is at the center of my excitement for the trip.

Something in Her Ramblings is headed to Morocco

(c) Riad AnaYela

Located in a 300-year-old palace, the architecture tells the story of a girl called Yela who once lived in this house. With this unique storyline, traditional architecture and furnishings designed by Moroccan artisans, this enchanting hotel is sure to be a fairtale setting for a girlfriend getaway and I can’t wait to experience it!

Something in Her Ramblings is headed to Morocco

(c) Riad AnaYela

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @LaurenSalisbury for real-time tweets and photos from my stay at Riad AnaYela and Morocco adventures, and check back on Something in Her Ramblings for posts on my experiences traveling through Africa and Europe.

Have you been to Morocco? What tips would you share with first time visitors? 

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  1. Jonata

    Congratulations how fabulous for you and how worenfdul for all of us, it’s like we’ll be on the trip with you!I have met some of the women going on the trip and I am taking an online course through Holly Becker right now, so I have been excited for this trip for a while.Looking forward to you sharing the fun and delight with us!Enjoy, travel safe and celebrate each moment!Blessings

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