1. Tabitha B

    AhhhH!! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! We’re going to Salzburg and Vienna this winter!!! I really want to go to Hallstatt… but after reading your post, I’m having second thoughts now…

  2. Koustav Dutta

    Excellent blog.. Just what I needed..
    I am travelling to Austria next week and I have only a day to spend in Salzburg.
    I will try to follow the schedule and I am pretty sure that I will enjoy every bit of it.. 🙂
    Thank you so much ..

  3. Eman

    Hi dear, my family and me will visit Salzburg for a day trip from munich. We Have 3 kids , do you prefer to go by car or by train? Which lake do you prefer for kids to swim. Thanks a lot

  4. Susan Nagy

    Is it too ambitious to attempt to train or drive from Vienna to Salzburg and see most of the city in one day and return to Vienna on a later train? There will be 5 adults in my family and I am desperate to see some of the Sound of Music sights. We have Friday-Monday available for both Vienna and Salzburg. I know that my husband is also interested in the Salt Mines. We are not likely to want to spend too much time in museums or inside cathedrals as much as the castle, Sound of Music venues and enjoying the view from Hotel Stein — please advise — thanks, SCN

    • Hi Susan! Most would probably not recommend trying to squeeze in a day trip to Salzburg from Vienna, but I think if you rise early and move fast you can manage to hit the highlights of Salzburg all in a day. The city is quite compact and easy to navigate.

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