1. Lady Donna Royce

    I will never forget this quote because it was said in front of and to three elementary school age kids (3rd grade.) on April the 9th, 1966 and I was one of those kids.

    We were so very lucky to not only meet Mr. Disney but to spend some time with him as well. He gave us two hard and fast rules to follow and those rules were. “From this day forward, I want you three to call me Uncle Walt, just like my child actors and the children of my cast members here at the park are allowed to.”

    The second rule was, “Stop growing up right this very minute!” He then added the quote I still live by and explained what he was saying. “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” “That means that your body will grow up and older and you have no say in the matter. It’s going to happen and you can’t get out of it.” “BUT! Growing up inside is another matter all together.” “In your hearts and souls, you can stay nine and ten years old forever and enjoy all the wonders of this world as a child does.”

    I can’t say what my two classmates have done since that day? But as for me, I have followed Uncle Walt’s rules to the letter for fifty years and I see no reason to stop now!

    He will ALWAYS be my Uncle Walt and I will continue to stay nine years old where it counts!

    • Wow that is an amazing story! Thanks for sharing! I can only imagine how incredible it would have been to meet Walt in person. I’m sure his wisdom is something you’ve carried with you throughout the years.

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