1. candy Curiel

    Hi Lauren,

    What a great posting! 🙂 on your 7 hour layover which airline did you fly on? Did you also have to pay the $27 airport tax when you returned to the airport?

    thank you,

    Candy Curiel

    • Hi Candy!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. I flew with Avianca. I had to pay an airport tax before I could leave the airport. I forget the exact amount but I think it cost around $40-50. Then I had to pay the El Salvador tourist tax of $10 to get a visa. I did not pay any additional taxes once I returned to the airport.

      Happy and safe travels!

  2. Thanks for this post! Im headed to Roatan shortly for a few weeks and I have a 10 hour lay-over in San Salvador on my way home. Would love to get more info from you if possible about the feasibility and safety of sight-seeing San Salvador as a solo female traveller.

  3. Mark

    That sounds like an amazing stopover. I’m transiting SAL soon and gathering ideas of how to spend those layover hours.

  4. Michelle

    Hi Lauren, Great post! Quick question… Did you meet Jose inside the airport? Im thining of contacting Jose and Ive read of tour guides meeting at the gate and taking you through customs. Was this the case?
    Thank You

    • Hi Michelle! Jose did not take me through customs. I had arranged for a tour with someone else who failed to show up. I was quite flustered about the situation and so I asked an airport employee to help me – he directed me to Jose after I had cleared customs.

      Customs is a very easy process – you simply follow the signs, wait in line and show your passport to get stamped (after you pay a $10 fee). However, after you clear customs and exit the airport there is a crowd of taxi drivers waiting at the door. This can be disorienting, so I’d recommend setting up a driver to meet you at the door so that you don’t have to stress about selecting one.

      Jose is such a kind, gentle soul – I’d recommend his services in a heart beat!

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