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Vesna Veliscek, the founder of Slocally, a website that connects travelers with local experiences in her home country of Slovenia, offers advice for female solo travelers in Slovenia in this week’s Women Who Travel Solo. 

How did you get your start traveling?

I started traveling when I was 18. Since then I visited Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, Morocco, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Cuba, Oman, all Balkan countries and most of European countries. When I was a student, I finished with all of my exam by May/June, so I had enough time to earn money for my travelings in September/October. I started traveling with my friend Katja. I did also travel with 3-4 people as a small group, then with my partner Robert. I do prefer traveling as a couple/two people.

You are the Founder of Slocally, a Website that Helps Travelers Connect with Locals in Slovenia. Can You Tell us More About it?

While traveling around the globe, I was always seeking for unique and local off the beaten track experiences, eating with locals and doing activities with locals. Well, it was just a matter of time when I starting organizing, running and promoting local experiences in Slovenia. Therefore, in January 2013, Slocally was born. Slocally was founded by me, a historian and sociologist by occupation, traveler, herbalist, foodie, photographer, and salsa dancer by passion. Slocally is my way of life showing you Slovenia in all of its beauties.

slocally offers resources for female solo travelers in slovenia

Does Slocally Offer Accommodations?

Yes. Situated in the heart of fabulous Soča valley, Herbal House is a family home with two unique herbal rooms. This unique herbal retreat is open year-round and offers superb views on surrounding hills (Korada, Kuk, Sabotin), of the emerald-coloured Soča river and garden full of growing vegetables and colourful flowers.

Comfort and individualized customer service, along with a crackling fireplace, Slovenian attentive hospitality and comfortable client service, hands-on activities and other local experiences for every season, including art and craft experiences, learn to culinary experiences, back-to-nature experiences and taste buds experience. Real homestay experiencewith a local family! Stay in a herbal home with locals! Experience the sensory pleasure and scentsof our two herbal rooms.  Book unique herbal accommodation in a local home for your authentic travel experience in Soča valley, Slovenia.

rooms for female solo travelers in slovenia

What makes Slovenia a great destination for female solo travelers?

Slovenia is a great destination for female solo travelers because must-see attractions are easily reached with public transport, there is green nature and lots of heritage sites, and hands-on activities (how to make your own souveniers, etc.). Slovenia also has a lot hiking opportunities, friendly hosts at the accommodations and it is easy to make friends.

What makes Slocally a good choice for female solo travelers?

Slocally offers activities that female solo travelers can attend with no problems and all activities were handpicked and selected beforehead. Some activities are run even if only one person applies for the activity.

Slocally also offers two scented Herbal Rooms Homestays which are perfect for female solo travelers because of family atmosphere, we always host one guest (solo traveler or family or couple) per time so we get to know the guest better so she becomes part of our family, the rooms are located in a village/countryside which is connected with a public transportation, we learn from our guests as well. She better understands the local village atmosphere while we walk around the village and taste local specialities in the village restaurant/gostilna.


What are your top three favorite attractions or places in Slovenia?

Soca river in Soca valley with its gorges and fabulous emerald colour, Karst region with its ruby red Teran wine, Ljubljana beloved capital of Slovenia with so much happenings.

What are your personal experiences with solo travel?

I wanted to travel solo around South East Asia for three months. However, I was always surrounded by amazing travelers [so I wasn’t really alone]. With a french girl Cleo I then traveled for two months around Laos and Cambodia.

About Vesna Veliscek

female-solo-travel-in-slovenia-with-Vesna-300x281Vesna is the founder of, a website that connects travelers with locals in Slovenia. She is also the owner of two scented Herbal Rooms in Soca valley. Vesna describes herself as a Slovenia explorer, world wanderer, foodie, Cuban salsa dancer, gardener and herbalist, regional guide for Emerald land to become soon, historian and sociologist by occupation. She is in love with nature, hiking, photography and her own country Slovenia. Dobrodosli v Sloveniji!

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