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How Did You Get Started Traveling?

When I was in school, I would see my friends being toured by their parents to different continents. Their traveling experiences caught my fancy, and, I too, decided to travel and create experiences for myself. My first solo travel was when I was 19 and I decided to backpack Australia/New Zealand. There after, there was no looking back. I just knew that traveling is going to become an inescapable part of my life.

Why Did You Decide To Travel To San Francisco Alone?

San Francisco was not my first solo trip, which is good because I would have not been able to make the most of the trip otherwise. I just decided to go to San Francisco because of Alcatraz Island, situated on the Californian Bay. Also, San Francisco is very popular amongst backpackers who wish to travel cheap. So, I felt it made sense to explore the city that is known to house artsy people from all parts of the world.

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Tell Us About Your Experience With Solo Travel In San Francisco.

I anticipated a lot of nerves and chills passing through my spine before getting out of the airport of San Francisco; however, and quite surprisingly, it was so much not what I had expected. I felt exactly the opposite. I was calm, composed and glad that the sun was out. Frankly speaking, I was also pretending to be a local, and I think I did a pretty good job. My driver was waiting for me at the airport, and I was instantly approached and driven to my hotel.

I was not very sure of how to begin my trip, and so I just walked out of my hotel and started exploring the nearby streets, cafes and restaurants. I was amazed to see such good restaurants around. All these places were busy. I managed to find a place in a local café where they serve amazing latte. I realized the people here are so easy-going and carefree. They are not in a rush for anything. In fact, they have time to smile and have small talks with fellow strangers.

What Recommendations Do You Have For Solo Travelers In San Francisco?

Conspicuously, San Francisco is a very lively and enthralling city that has a lot to offer to people from all walks of life. I reckon we all have different experiences when we travel solo; however, if I had to name a few things/tips to my solo travelers then I would surely recommend visiting the most popular bridge – The Golden Gate Bridge. Supposedly, this bridge is one of the most visited bridges in the world. So do not miss out the bridge.

Another place not to be missed would be the infamous Alcatraz Island. Make sure that you arrange for Alcatraz tour tickets well in advance. Due to its popularity, the tickets are usually booked and not available last minute. There are some very good and reasonable private tours available that provide guided San Francisco day tour and half –day tour, which include a trip to Alcatraz Island. If you decide to take the San Francisco group tour, you won’t have to worry about the tickets for Alcatraz Island because everything gets taken care by these private tours.


What Was The Best Part Of Your Solo Trip To San Francisco?

There were many good parts of my solo trip, and one of the best parts was when I visited Chinatown in San Francisco. I was just looking for souvenirs and someone told me to try a few shops in Chinatown. I bought a lovely souvenir for my nephew from one of the tiny shops. I also ate delicious and authentic Chinese noodles at one of the noodle shops. It was nice to see people gawk each other and taking photos.

What Was The Worst Part Of Your Solo trip To San Francisco?

I was told that I should not miss out the Dolores Park, but I think it was a bad decision to visit the park. Once upon a time, if you would go to the Dolores Park you would find barefoot kids running, people drinking beer, everyone smiling and not worrying about a thing under the sun. But it was a heavy disappointment for me. All I found was trash loaded in the park, the beer bottles broken and lying around the park, no kids and no local people enjoying the sun. Only a few tourists like me were at the park trying to make sense of the popularity of the park.


Are There Any Safety Concerns For Women Traveling Alone To San Francisco?

San Francisco is a safe city and you are likely to find many artsy people walking on the streets. Everyone’s good and harmless. Having said that, It is a good idea to avoid walking late at nights on lonely streets. And, carry emergency numbers on your speed dial.

What Advice Do You Have For Women Who Are Traveling Alone?

Be observant and smart, particularly on the streets. Have someone back home who is always aware of your whereabouts. Go by your intuition and make decisions accordingly.


Do You Have Anything Else To Add To Inspire Women Solo Travelers?

If the thought of going someplace has ever crossed your mind, you probably should go there. The world is a beautiful place and the odds of meeting good people are much higher than meeting the bad ones. Take the risk and cherish the experiences.

About Amber Clark

amber clark

Amber Clark is a writer at San Francisco Private Tour SF. Travel excites her and is her greatest passion. She loves to explore all the sights, sounds and colors of San Francisco and the surrounding area.

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