1. I am so glad I ‘stumbled’ upon Women Who Travel Solo & Michelle’s review of Spain. At 64, I am traveling solo to Spain for 3 weeks–flying in/out of Madrid, but renting a car to visit the Eastern half of Spain. I have traveled solo all over the U.S. but never abroad; and though I have no hesitations about my trip to Spain, several close friends are trying to discourage me from going. After reading this and other posts on this site, I am encouraged and more enthused than ever! Thanks!!

    • Hey there Patti! That’s really awesome to hear you are taking your first solo trip abroad in Spain. Good on you! Keep on being bold and I hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. Carrie

    I am heading to Bath, England next year in June and hope to visit Spain while I am there to take advantage of the relative proximity. [When you live in Perth, W Australia it’s a trek to anywhere the other side of the world… Enjoyed Micehlle’s review. Just one thing. I think Michelle speaks Spanish? How would I get on with NO skill in that area? 59 next year. Not bothered about solo travel. Wouold be good to meet up with a kindred spirit though so if anyoen else out there is making a similar trip 🙂 post a comment.

    • Hi Carrie! Michelle does speak Spanish, but in many places in Spain, especially Madrid and Barcelona, there are many English speakers around so even if you don’t speak the language you should be able to get around just fine. Have a great trip!

  3. Margaret

    Hi Carrie, i too live in Perth. I am hoping solo to Spain in may/june 2017, hiking part of camino, tout and then solo in Barcelona early June. Trying to figure out accommodation at moment. I am 5 years your junior.. does anyone have any ideas of good central hotel in Barcelona. Margaret

    • Patti Berry

      Hi Margaret,
      I just returned from a solo trip to Spain and, after traveling around the Castile-La Mancha region, I drove to Barcelona and spent 5 nights at Hotel Gaudi in the Gothic Quarter. It is a charming small hotel, with all the amenities one could want (breakfast buffet, restaurant, bar, gym, rooftop lounging, etc.). I thought it was very affordable; the front desk and wait-staff were very friendly; taxis & busses are 1/2 block away; one can walk easily on La Ramble, and I felt safe in the Gothic Quarter, even late in the evening. Check it out! http://www.hotelgaudibarcelona.com

      • Margaret

        Thank you Patti for that. I was looking at hotels in the Gothic area and that hotel was on my shortlist. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

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  6. Kimi

    Hi! Oh my goodness this post realy resonated with me (“I was turning 30 and having somewhat of a crisis, so I figured I might as well blow a bunch of cash and do something reasonably crazy.” – SO ME!) – I’m 29 and I have NEVER taken a solo trip and have really been feeling the need to. I can’t stop thinking about Spain so I think I’m going to do it! I only have 7 days off in June and want to make it work. Have you been to Spain in June? Since I’ll only have a week – where is best to go in such limited time? Have you been to any of the islands off of Spain? I just want to explore and make friends and go on an adventure. Nice beaches are a plus though!

    I appreciate any recommendations!

    • Yay for you! June is a great time to go to Spain – it’s hot, but that way you can better enjoy the beaches. If you have 7 days, I’d recommend Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. These cities have so much to offer and are easily accessible by train or bus. The islands off of Spain are beautiful as well – just requires a flight and there’s not as much to see (but more beaches to relax!)

  7. Nice share. I have ben to Spain once and loved it. I am planning to visit again with my girl gang. I have been to Costa Blanca as well and it is a beautiful spot as well! Keep blogging such articles.

  8. Nice share. I have ben to Spain once and loved it. I am planning to visit again with my girl gang. I have been to Costa Blanca as well and it is a beautiful spot as well! Keep blogging such articles. Cheers..

  9. Delisa

    Hi I currently have a trip planned to Barcelona and Madrid in October going into November. It was supposed to be a couples trip but unfortunately I found myself single. I am unsure about taking the trip alone but certainly considering it. I do not speak Spanish and I am very concerned about that. I am currently scheduled to stay in an Airbnb in both Barcelona and Madrid but would love to get to Seville if I decide to go . Do you have any advice for me.

    • You’ll be fine without speaking Spanish! Seville is only a few hours from Madrid by train so you could visit all three cities if you have 7-10 days total. Have fun!

  10. Tereza rizos


    I want to go to Spain either in may or June on my own , first time traveling solo! Don’t know if I should do one city for 5 days or more. I am stressing but also excited. What do you recommend I do?

    Thank you

  11. Cameron Page

    Hi Lauren! Me and my friends are planning to go to spain this January. We would love to see some nice beaches with clear water and some stunning scenery. We were thinking Majorca,Ibiza and Canary Island, we are up to some adventures and experience a great nightlife in our travel. I came across this great article too here in https://www.canaryislandsinfo.co.uk/la-palma/ but i wanted to hear your thoughts first. Can anyone suggest any ideas or tips? Any help is kindly appreciated 🙂

  12. jan

    Hi am thinking of travelling solo to Spain , being my first time I think 5 nights sounds right, am nervous and excited . canary islands looks perfect . 57 years old lady .

  13. Tere

    I traveled to Spain recently and came upon something invaluable. It is always difficult to get good pictures of myself traveling because I am shy about asking strangers to take my picture and have not mastered the art of the selfie. This time, a friend gave me the name of a travel photographer (Txema at jmarmengol49@gmail.com) who drove me around all day and shot my photo at the five most famous sights in Barcelona. I not only got amazing photos but also a guided tour of the city – both for an incredibly reasonable price. Will definitely check into similar services in other cities as it was truly a memorable day.

  14. Jayne

    I’m taking my first solo trip to Spain next year. I’m a little overwhelmed and scared because I have never been anywhere outside the US.

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