1. said arabbate

    hello lauren
    i read your repport on tangier, i liked it, and you are so bueatiful, if you visited tangier again, we can meet and see each other, i leave and work in tangier as a journalist.

  2. said arabbate

    hi lauren.
    thank you for your comment, and you are very wolcome again in tangier, actually i found that your trip wasn’t satisfied in tangier. i think because you didn’t spend enough time to see the beauty of tangier and mybe you don’t have a large information about the history of this city which was an international city once upon a time.
    mybe one day we can meet and leave a real advanture here.
    anyway i translated your repport to arabic you will find it in this news website of tangier (www.tanja24.com). hope you like it.

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