Where to Find the Best Sangria in Madrid


Perhaps no drink is more synonymous with Spain than sangria. While this drink is far more popular with tourists than locals, still at the top of my bucket list of things to do while living in Spain was to find the best sangria in Madrid.

I asked a few locals where to go for their city’s finest offering and answer after answer led me and my friend Alessandra to Las Cuevas del Sésamo.

Something in Her Ramblings, a Madrid travel blog, discovers the best sangria in Madrid at Las Cuevas del Sésamo.

The Best Sangria in Madrid

At Las Cuevas del Sésamo I wound down a twisted staircase and into a quaint sangria bar. With low, arched ceilings and tan, sculpted walls it almost felt like being in a real caves. Art and quotes from Spanish painters and writers adorn the wall. A live piano player filled the cozy space with melodious classics that drowned out the dim roar of chatter. With a bohemian vibe, its easy to see why this spot has been popular with writers and artists since the 1950’s.

Sangria is a wine based drink infused with fruit and brandy. Its name is a derivation of the Spanish word for blood, “sangre,” due to its dark red color. While it is a famous icon of Spain, visitors may be surprised to learn that it is not so popular in Madrid. Sangria is traditionally a drink from Southern Spain. However, locals will tell you the sangria at Las Cuevas del Sésamo is up there with the country’s best.

There’s no flash at Las Cuevas del Sésamo, just authentic, delicious sangria served in pitchers. Give the waiter the word and he’ll bring enough sangria for the whole table.

Something in Her Ramblings, a Madrid travel blog, discovers the best sangria in Madrid at Las Cuevas del Sésamo.

I haven’t tried too much sangria in Spain so I can’t say for sure if this is the best, but it is amazing, that’s for sure. Just the right blend of sweet and powerful, one pitcher didn’t seem enough.

Sangria for two cost six euros. The bar is located in the center of Madrid and is a short walk from the Puerta del Sol metro.

 Have you had sangria in Madrid? What is your favorite secret spot for Sangria? Let me know in the comments below! 

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