Top Glamorous Destinations To Visit In 2016


As a twenty-something traveler, it’s rare that the thought of glamour and luxury crosses my mind in my travel planning. I usually prefer to focus on seeing unique places, historical sights and interacting with locals and spend very little time in my chosen accommodations anyway.

But once in awhile, when I’m soaked through, tired and weary, I can find myself fantasizing about a more glamorous way of travel. I’m lucky to have experienced the best of both worlds. I’ve traveled on a tight budget, trekking through Eastern Europe for up to three weeks at a time where my budget only allowed for hostel stays and super market meals. (That hostel in Budapest where everyone including the staff was drinking and blasting music in the common area until 6 a.m. was a low point). But I’ve also enjoyed some incredible trips where the service and accommodation were top notch. (Yes, Riad Anayela, your palatial suites and views of Marrakech still fill my dreams!)


Top Glamorous Destinations to Visit in 2016

As I currently live in the rainforest where I have to forge a rushing river just to get in my morning run and creepy crawlies such as spiders, moths and even a scorpion often join me in my bedroom, I have to admit a more opulent way of living and traveling does fill my day dreams. Here’s a look at some beautiful and glamorous destinations you can enjoy in 2016 without stretching your budget too much.  (more…)

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