1. Wow, so much history in the hotel. We’re planning a trip to Cuba in February and I really want to soak up as much history and culture (and of course the beaches) as I can so this place looks like somewhere I’d want to go. I’m curious to see how Cuba is going to change in the next decade, as tourism opens up to the United States, which is why we’re going sooner rather than later. Very interesting post Lauren, and hope to see you soon again 🙂

    • Hi Samantha! Thanks for your comment. I am so excited that you and Yeison are planning a trip to Cuba! I really loved my time in the country- it is a beautiful and moving place! You will definitely have to take a historical tour at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba- it was truly fascinating!

  2. Orsi


    I just came back from Cuba and visited the hotel which was one of the highlights of my trip after reading Havana Nocturne by T. J. English. If you like to read I highly recommend the book. Very nice post Lauren, I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Donald Burr

    Last November, 2018 I toured Cuba and stayed in the Hotel Nationale at the end of the tour. We were not told of the bunkers, learning about it after I came home. A recent Wall Street Journal article said the bunkers was Castro’s command post during the Cuban Missile crises. There’s much more to Cuba than Havana. One should try to take an island tour.

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