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England has Stonehenge, Egypt has the Pyramids and Costa Rica has… spheres?

Costa Rica Stone Spheres

Costa Rica Stone Spheres

Hundreds of stone spheres were discovered in the 1930’s in Southwestern Costa Rica, in an area called the Diquís Delta, scattered in jungles and other areas inhabited by indigenous societies in pre-Columbian times. The Diquís Delta was one of the most important cultural areas in Central America during Pre-Columbian times.

The spheres range in size from a few centimeters to more than two and a half meters, and have been found next to the remains of homes and burial areas. It is believed that these spheres were symbols of elite powers and placed in public areas as territorial markings and to denote social status.

Costa Rica Stone Spheres

However, mystery remains. More than 300 stones have been found, some weighing more than a ton. The quarry where the stones are thought to have been crafted is located more than 50 miles from their resting place and no unfinished stones have been found.The spheres are also perfect in shape and unique to any other objects produced by indigenous societies during this time. Furthermore, stone spheres have also been found in unexplained alignments.

How did such large and perfect spheres get formed? Are they actually the work of aliens?

The spheres remain an unsolved mystery, however, today they are an important of Costa Rica. Several are on display at the National Museum in San Jose. Replicas can be found scattered around downtown San Jose and in front of homes and restaurants throughout the country.