1. I loved my time spent in Tamarindo. I rented a car so mobility was a bit better.

    My first rental tip would be to only work with the rental brands you are familiar with. I rented from an unknown, cheaper brand and the car was older than those at adjacent rental companies.

    Second tip is to be super careful of the the people and ANIMALS walking along the sides of the road. There are few sidewalks and passing lanes, so driving is always an adventure!

    Third is to expect to pay a hefty deposit. They held over $500 for damages. I took pictures of the ENTIRE car before I left to make sure I wouldn’t be held responsible for damage I didn’t do.

    Having a rental was super helpful in seeing so many beautiful places in and around Tamarindo.

    I miss those amazing beaches and the friendly people. Did you happen to see weird organisms crawling in the sand near the water’s edge? I saw what appeared to be a huge – shoe sized – slug and a long – shoe string length – worm? I thought I took video, but when I look through my memory card, I can’t find it. LOL!

    Thanks for a cool post and bringing back awesome memories!

    • Michaela you are completely right — renting a car is a great tip for visiting Tamarindo. That way it is easier to visit more of the stunning beaches nearby. I didn’t see and slug-type organisms near the water’s edge. I guess I will have to visit again so I can search! Travel on!

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