Walking the Cliffs of Lagos, Portugal

Lagos Portugal cliffs


A red-dirt path stretches into the distance, terminating, along with the cliff it covers, under the cloudless blue sky. The path’s fall is interrupted by rows of shrubs, lining the cliff’s edge with a wreath of green. Below miles of sand, the color of slightly toasted marshmallows, kiss crystal ocean waves that slowly darken to sparkling aqua and then a deep blue.

What was your favorite place you visited in Europe?

This was by far the most common question I was asked when I returned to the United States from my year abroad in Europe. It is also one of the most difficult to answer, but Portugal always made the short-list, in large part due to the beauty of Lagos.

walk cliffs lagos portugal

Portugal is known for having some of the best beaches in the world. The Algarve is the most famed province for beaches, and some of Portugal’s finest are located here in Lagos, a city located in the southwest corner of the country, famous for its powerful sea cliffs.

walk cliffs lagos portugal

During my visit I took a three-hour hike along the cliffs, walking from my accommodation at Bura Surfhouse hostel to the old town center. Let’s take a look at the beaches I discovered.

Walk the Cliffs of Lagos, Portugal


Porto de Mòs beach

walk cliffs lagos portugal

I began my hike at Porto de Mòs beach, 3.5 kilometers from Lagos town centre. This beach is home to two restaurants and the start of a long trail that runs along the cliffs of Lagos.

Praia da Dona Ana

walk cliffs lagos portugal

Praia da Dona Ana is perhaps the most famous of Lagos’ beaches with its large collection of sea cliffs tangoing solo in the water.

Praia do Camilo

walk cliffs lagos portugal

To access this beach, you have to pass through tunnels in rocks that connect it to the beaches nearby. This makes Praia do Camilo a more secluded beach.

Praia de Batata

walk cliffs lagos portugal

This beach is the closest to the Lagos town centre and known to locals as town beach. This was definitely the most populated beach I saw, full of families, hikers and sunbathers.

Along my hike I also encountered plenty of kayakers.

walk cliffs lagos portugal

And this gem of worldliness.

walk cliffs lagos portugal


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  1. Maria

    Hey when youy did this walk were there any paths along the cliffs??

    1. Lauren

      Yes! There are heaps of trails along the cliffs making it really easy to hike.

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