Introducing Rainforest Friday: Where I live in Costa Rica



Buenos días my faithful readers! As I shared last week, I have moved to Costa Rica where I am living and working on a rainforest base in the Cartago Province, about 45 minutes southeast of San Jose.

As I begin this exciting new chapter of my life I am excited to introduce a new column to my blog: Rainforest Friday.

Each Friday, I’ll be sharing photos, thoughts and musings from my jungle home to give you insight into what life is like in this semi-remote region of the world.

Rainforest Friday


My New Home in Costa Rica

To start things off, this week I want to give you a tour around the base where I am living and working as the Social Media and Marketing Manager for Outward Bound Costa Rica, an outdoor experiential education organization.

Rainforest Friday

Our base is located on a steep mountainside that leads down to a reserve and river. I haven’t visited the reserve yet, but I’ve been told it’s a great place for hiking. Dorms for the students who participate in our programs are located down here as well.

About halfway up the mountainside is the house where I live with two other American co-workers.

Rainforest Friday

Here’s my room. You’ll note I brought my passion for the San Francisco Giants with me to Costa Rica!

Rainforest Friday

And here’s a look at our living room and kitchen where I’ve been cooking lots of tortillas, rice, beans.

Rainforest Friday

My roommates Valerie and Ryan have been great at showing me the ropes of how to live in the rainforest and navigate Costa Rica.

Rainforest Friday

Each morning I open the front door and am greeting by this stunning view of our marketing office and jungle foliage. This is certainly the most scenic and shortest commute I’ve ever had – all I have to do to get to work is walk up this hill to my desk!

Rainforest Friday

Near the marketing office is another building called the bodega. Equipment for our courses, such as rafts, backpacks and food supplies are stored here.

Rainforest Friday

To leave base and enter civilization there is a daunting and steep hill that must be climbed. This hill is killer and by the time I reach the top I am panting, out of breath and sweaty. I am super impressed by my co-workers who are able to ascend this hill in a car while driving stick shift.

Rainforest Friday

From the front gate at the top of the hill, it is about a ten-minute walk to a bus stop where buses depart to nearby cities including Trés Rios, San Pedro and San José. Trés Rios is the nearest city and grocery store, 25 minutes from base.

And there you have it – a quick peak at my wild and beautiful rainforest home. Be sure to check back every Friday for more excitement from the jungle!

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  1. Angie Swann

    This is exciting and I’m really looking forward to reading your Friday posts! Thanks for helping me be able to experience the rainforest through your adventures!

    1. Lauren

      Thank you for reading Angie. I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you!

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