1. I LOVED the Monterey Aquarium when I visited there last summer! I had such a good time and it was such a special moment in my life, this post really made my day!
    My favorite parts were the otters and the turtles! There’s so many great exhibits there I would recommend it to anyone! I’m actually working on a “Five Things to Do in Monterey” for my own blog!
    I too took a picture of the “Don’t Flash the Octopus” sign haha, my boyfriend at the time (who was stationed out there) saw my pictures and thought it was hilarious I took a picture of it.
    Loved reading this post and love your blog!

    • Hi Calley! Thanks for stopping by! Haha that is so funny we both took a picture of the “Don’t Flash the Octopus” sign. It cracked me up. Good luck with your article on Monterey and I look forward to reading it!

  2. A"fish"ionado

    I have never seen that octopus sign…priceless!!! Haha!

    And I, too, am convinced that Monterey is the best aquarium in the world. More proof of the Aquarium’s awesomeness: they hold the record for keeping a great white in captivity. They kept a juvenile female for 198 days in 2005. (I went to see her-don’t remember it at all, but I’m sure it was awesome. Duh-nuh…)

    But, sharks aside, I had no idea that they walk the jellyfish! That would be quite the sight for the unsuspecting tourist-an employee walking around with a cylinder full of floating clear things…;) See? Somebody who’s been going since they were three learned a thing or two from this post!

    And I will NEVER remove my clothing in front of an octopus. 😉

    • I am glad that you were able to learn something from my post even though you are a Monterey Bay Aquarium expert and have gone there since you were three!

      I had no idea the aquarium holds the record for keeping a great white in captivity. How neat! Thanks for sharing!

      And I am glad to hear you will NEVER remove your clothing in front of an octopus. That is de”fin”itely a smart decision!

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