1. Peggy Mendelson

    I’m 65 and have a bad knee. But I really want to go swim there. Probably can’t hike more than a mile. We are going tomorrow April 2nd. Please let me know the best way to go swimming there! We have a car. I think it’s a little Kia SUV

    • Hi Peggy! You can’t actually swim in Rio Celeste – it’s a protected area and no swimming is allowed. Unfortunately the trail to view the river is rather long and muddy, so its not an easy hike. There’s also a lot of inclines/steps. However, if you go slow I’m sure you can make it. Just bring plenty of water and stop along the way. Hope that helps in some way. Enjoy Costa Rica!

  2. Sandra

    We are honeymooning there in July and were hoping to see this. We’re staying at a lodge about half an hour away…how many hours would you recommend setting aside in order to see everything?

    • Great spot for a honeymoon! I’d allow at least 4 hours… it will take you about an hour each way to hike through the park. 4 hours will allow you to explore at a leisurely pace and enjoy all the beautiful vistas. Que tengan buen viaje!

  3. Belki

    Just want it to say thank you for all the information and Beautiful Photos.
    I will be visiting Costa Rica but don’t know if my husband likes the long hike.
    Again thank you for all the information.


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