1. Hello; great post. i don’t mind being alone and have always been great at meeting people. however i am totally blind so have yet to figure out how i would make such trips without some assistance either in the form of a traveling companion a paid employee or volunteers at the destination. would love any suggestions you may have for me. thanks, max

    • Hi Maxwell! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I can imagine that traveling solo blind would be full of challenges I have never experienced. If you are interested in taking a solo trip, perhaps you could pick a destination which does not require too much navigating and which primary attractions are based on taste. For example, you could take a solo trip to San Sebastian, Spain. This small Spanish city is easy to navigate on foot and most famous for its delicious tapas. You could walk down the streets to the various Pintxos bars and let your pallet be your guide. I wish you the best in your travels!

  2. Jacinta

    Hi Lauren

    I stumbled upon your blog (or perhaps it found me) just at the right time. I have found myself with a half planned UK & Europe trip in August only to find that my friend is now not comfortable with our plans and has pullout of the deal. If the planning was stressful enough, it’s likely that travelling together would have been miserable so perhaps it’s better that that becomes clear now I guess!

    I have 2 months off work and savings in the bank and can easily admit that I feel some sense of hesitation over the if, what and where of travelling solo.

    Your post is insightful and motivating so we’ll see where I end up in a couple months!


    • Hi Jacinta!

      I’m so glad you found my blog at such a poignant time in your life. Yes, I can definitely relate to your sense of hesitation over traveling solo, but I bet your 2 month trip is going to an eye-opening and life changing experience. I wish you luck and very happy travels!


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