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How quickly time passes. I can’t believe that in a month from today I’ll be leaving Madrid.

That’s right, I only have one more month in Madrid! I’ve been in Spain a little more than nine months now teaching English.  Some days it feels like so long ago and some days it seems like just yesterday that I made my way to the city after trekking through Paris and Italy to start my new job, find a cozy room to call my own on Calle Fuencarral, and begin my immersion into the non-stop noise of Madrid.

One More Month in Madrid

Something In Her Ramblings travel blog has One More Month in Madrid 

European Travels

I often feel as if I’ve been on The Amazing Race since I arrived in Europe in August, travelling at every chance I get. I’ve cried with happiness at the base of the Eiffel Tower, drank Guinness in Ireland, connected with my heritage in Scandinavia, Christmased in Italy, skied through the Alps in Switzerland, fell in love with a sheep in Morocco, gotten off the beaten path in Bratislava, and adventured through the fjords of Norway, to name just a few of my favorite experiences.

Travel blog Something In Her Ramblings has one more month in Madrid.

I’ve tried to squeeze every last drop out of my time here in Europe and am proud to say that, since turning 25 in October, have been to 20 countries.

Travel blog Something In Her Ramblings has one more month in Madrid.

I’ve had a lot of good years, but this one has turned out to be, without a doubt, one of the most dream fulfilling for a travel-hearted vagabond like me. Who knows what changes the future may bring, but it looks like I am headed back to the United States in August.

Future Travel Plans

But if I have to come back down to Earth, I’m going to go out with a bang. I’m excited to share that I will be spending July exploring more of Europe by train thanks in part to a partnership with Eurail.

Travel blog Something In Her Ramblings has one more month in Madrid.

The Eurail pass lets you travel on trains run by national train operators in up to 27 European countries. There are a wide range of European rail passes that can be customized based on how many countries you want to visit and how many travel days.

Travel blog Something In Her Ramblings has one more month in Madrid.

Europe can be overwhelming to navigate, especially for first time visitors, but the Eurail Customer Service team are experts on helping you decide what pass is right for you and how to fit highlights into your itinerary. They respond to emails within 24 hours or Facebook page posts in 8 hours.

Eurail passes can be purchased at

I’m determined to make it to 25 countries during my 25th year of life and so I have five more to go. I know a few of the destinations I will be visiting in July but am looking forward to utilizing the resources Eurail offers to finalize my itinerary in the coming month.

Thanks to everyone for your readership and support during this very exciting year of my life and as always stay tuned to Something in Her Ramblings for more stories from the road!


  • May 31, 2014

    How exciting!! I’ll be traveling through Europe for a month and a half starting July 5th. I’ll be in England, Spain, and Belgium. I prefer slow travel so three countries in 6 weeks sounds like bliss! Can’t wait. What about you?! I look forward to reading your posts this summer.

    Happy travels 🙂

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