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It’s hard to believe that we are some how two weeks into the New Year — 2016 is already well underway! How are you doing with those New Year’s Resolutions?

I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s Resolutions — I prefer to map out goals through out the year as they come up rather than focusing on January 1 as a launch date — but it’s only natural that with the start of the New Year, I think of what I hope to achieve in the months to come. And, if I were to choose one aspiration to focus on in the first months of 2016, it would be, as always, to travel more!

My New Year’s Resolution: Travel More!

a solo trip to cuba with lauren

Traveling to 40 countries and counting has not only brought me the fulfillment that comes with reaching a goal in itself, it’s also helped me reach many other seemingly unrelated goals in my life.

From teaching English in Madrid to working as Outward Bound’s Marketing Manager in the rainforest of Costa Rica to conducting interviews at the Hotel Nacional de Cuba for blog posts, traveling has helped me achieve numerous professional goals that I hope will continue to advance my career. Traveling has also helped me reach other personal goals as I’ve learned to eat healthier while immersed in Costa Rican culture and move more as I’ve walked city streets in search of historic sights and hiked scenic trails. I even learned to cook new recipes in Morocco and try new yoga routines in Nicaragua.

I’m far from alone in saying that travel has helped me achieve my New Year’s Resolutions. For the past seven months I’ve been editing the Women Who Travel Solo Series, bringing stories from fierce females who have traveled alone around the globe to the readers of Something In Her Ramblings. Whether it’s been to open a business in Sloveniacomplete research for a novel set in Hungary, or learn how to make the most out of life in Sri Lanka,  many of these women have also shared the ways travel has helped them change their lives.

No matter what your goals are in this coming year, I’ve discovered a great way to combine them with a travel experience at the Reset Retreat, an incredible women’s personal growth and yoga retreat in adventurous Belize.

Achieve Your Goals With the Reset Retreat


The Reset Retreat is a place where you can come to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself as you release yourself from bad habits, toxic relationships, needy friends, family and unappreciative coworkers all while in a luxurious setting.

It’s so rare to get the opportunity to focus solely on your needs, and this retreat is set up to help you do just that. Daily meetings with a life coach will help you clear your mind and reset your patterns, daily yoga sessions will help renew your body and soul, and the services of a private chef will help you kick start healthy eating habits as you fill your body with nutrients.

daily yoga at the reset retreat

The retreat is open to women only, and you’ll be surrounded with other like-minded women who will encourage you to commit to your personal growth.

Explore Belize

explore belize at the reset retreat

Did I mention the reset retreat is located in Belize?! I’ve been to Belize and I can tell you that it is an enchanting place to visit. With diverse landscapes such as Caribbean beaches and rainforest rivers, there’s much to explore. Belize is unique in Central America in that it’s official language is English as it was once a British colony.

fly over belize

After flying over stunning Caribbean waters, you’ll be welcomed to a beautiful beachfront villa, which provides the perfect setting for reflection and relaxation. During your retreat you’ll go on an exclusive jungle adventure, enjoy plenty of beach time and experience cultural interactions in the local community.

Inspiration Behind The Reset Retreat

the founders of the reset retreat

The Reset retreat was founded by three women who met on holiday and instantly connected. Natalie, Crystal and Cierra were all searching for something; struggling with personal expectations and looking for an outlet to satisfy their personal and business goals. For these women, the timing was perfect and they founded this opportunity to help other women reach their goals through travel and reflection.

stunning belize

I had the opportunity to interview Crystal Veness, one of the co-founders, for my Women Who Travel Solo series back in July.

“Our retreat is designed to help send you home as the best version of yourself,” she said. “We create a space where you can find your ‘reset’ switch and use that as a catalyst for change in your life.”

Exclusive Discount For Readers

Reset Retreat discount-350

My friends at the Reset Retreat extended an offer to me that I had to pass along! Readers of this blog can use my gift certificate of $350 off using code: LAUREN350. You can book here sand save big by using my code.

The next retreat will take place February 19 to 24 at a luxury villa in Hopkins, Belize. What are you waiting for? Combine your New Year’s Resolutions and travel to Belize for the best way to kick off 2016.


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