1. Colleen

    Awesome post! My top city for a guided walking tour would be New York City – gotta love all the shopping, amazing food and of course, Central Park!

  2. Emma Ann

    Love your heartfelt honesty- not everybody is wired the same, but your love and passion for city life is inspiring. Being a girl who prefers the comfort of her home, I appreciate the refreshing truth that not all travel bloggers love every place they go. We all have a place where we feel most comfortable and at home. I am glad you have narrowed yours down to cities. Can’t wait to see where you land next!

  3. I couldn’t agree more! Walking really is the perfect way to explore a city: it’s cheap, flexible and it leaves spaces to stumble upon places that you wouldn’t have come across otherwise!

    My favourite walkable city is Rome, but both Madrid and San Francisco are fun to walk as well!

    Thanks for sharing & happy travels!

  4. Melissa

    Cordoba would be my 1st choice since I am going there in April. Glad you had Madrid as one of your favorite walking cities. I will spend a couple of days there before heading to Cordoba.

    • It depends on the city. I usually prefer to going on a walking tour with local guides or use a mobile app like GPSmyCity to do a self guided walking tour.

  5. Lynn M

    If asked 23 years ago I would have said New York is by far the easiest city to walk around due to its grid like layout. Hard to get lost. So easy to pop underground to catch the subway and emerge blocks away to take in new sights. I loved New York. My choice today of a city walking tour would be San Francisco because dispite the fact it is in my own backyard I have not explored It as it so deserves to be explored. Love reading your blog Lauren.

  6. jaynesse rosado

    Hi thank you for all of the comments
    40 ,,, went on my first solo trip to Croatia it was scary but I feel such a sense of empowerment
    I was thinking of either Barcelona or paris in late October any suggestions

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