1. Barb

    Thank you that you were interested in Eastern bloc. 🙂 I live in Czech Republic and was very young when “Velvet Revolution” happened. One of my family ancestors was RAF pilot and was condemned to death after he returned to his beloved Czechoslovakia. “Fortunately”, then he was “only” in labour camp for almost 20 years, where he was injured etc. and died quite young. My grandparents had to hand over their horses, cows and machines to “united agricultural cooperation” and work there. My parents both were forbidden to study what they wanted because of being Christians, they only could study the “lower” schools. Terrible times, it is difficult to imagine it.

    • Hi Barb! Thanks for reading and sharing your story here. The Eastern Bloc has faced terrible times and I am in awe of all the people who survived them. The Czech Republic is a beautiful country for you to call home! 🙂

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